Friday, September 13, 2013

Reasons to Be Cheerful 13/09

I am a day late, joining Reasons 2 be Cheerful, this week. The post I wrote yesterday was so important to me, and I didn't have the energy to write 2, after many sleepless nights with little A.

So here I am, back with my Reasons.....

1. Little A slept in his own bed last night!! He has not done so in many weeks, but because there have been so many leaps forward in other areas, we let it slide. Wednesday night, he came down with a raging temp, sore throat etc. He basically spent the whole night in our bed crying. It was utterly heart breaking. I finally managed to get him to take calpol Thursday a.m. and p.m. Little A has never taken meds, its all wrong to him. Wrong colour, wrong texture, everything. So this shows another good thing in his development. However, my child doesn't get sleepy with paracetamol, oh no! He was up until 2 a.m. Friday morning, playing! Is this just him? does anyone else know of a child that goes loopy on medicine??

2. The response to yesterdays post. I rarely ask people to share my posts, my blog is deeply personal to me. I love that you read it, I love it when people comment. When I can use my blog as a forum, to shout about failings (or positives) around special needs, I do ask you to share. Yesterday I asked........and you responded. I cannot thank everyone enough for the sharing, and the positive responses to A lack of Education.

3. Purple hair and nights out. I have know a couple of women since our children went to nursery together. In the years since, I would say, we have become friends. Thanks to the growth in all our families, we have never managed a night out together. Tomorrow that is finally happening and I can't bloody wait!! I have been resting/exercising my poorly back, so I could walk. Today I have been dying the my tips purple (and the hubby's beard)......

So now it's just roll on tomorrow! I have not been out in a while, hope their ready for me!

Hope you have many reasons to be cheerful. Count your blessings daily, that's what I've been doing lately.

x Ojo x
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  1. Wishing you a great night out. I love the purple! Thanks so much to you for being such a great supporter of #R2BC, when I go and comment (late) on the posts it is always you I see there. Mich xx

  2. sorry to hear little A has been unwell and I hope he is on the mend. Have a great girls night out, your hair looks fab! Off to read A Lack of Education now.


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