Wednesday, September 04, 2013

hollibobs 3, my week in Pictures..

We have been very fortunate this week, to have had absolutely stunning weather in Dorset.
I can't write about every thing we have done, it would bore you silly.

So instead, I have put together some Collages of our days out (and on site).

This is our beach day, I spent most of the day hidden in our beach tent. I do not do well in the sun!
(which is why I have very scary white legs, as seen here)

This was our day at Adventure Wonderland. This is a small theme park, based around Alice in Wonderland. I have to confess, I had been told it was a little small. We decided to go anyway........and I am sooo glad we did. It was perfect for little A and RJ. The rides were the right size for both, although KJ did have to miss out on most, being too big. He didn't mind, there was still a pirate ship that he could go on!

As a parent of a child, with different needs, I would recommend this place. It didn't bombard the boys with sensory issues and there was plenty of open space. We really did have a great day.

Finally, our evening in the park. There are a lot of pictures, but there was so much to capture. Little A does not like going outside, he never lets me take him anywhere. This week he has thrown himself into the fun!

As a family, we have had a fabulous week. I know we had a couple of meltdowns early on, but they have been forgotten and replaced with some wonderful memories.

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