Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Grill Mates..

I don't mean friends you grill with......although, that would work too!

I mean the new Schwartz Grill Mates that I got sent to review. I  had decided them to bring them on holidays with me. I figured it's most likely that we would want, at least one, barbecue!

We mostly eat out while we are away, I mean it is my holiday too. Saying that, I like some simply cooked food, when we're having a big day out (like today).

I have to say here, that I had decided on turkey, rather than chicken. It's a personal preference of mine. I do love a turkey steak, they're also cheaper to buy. You could also use it with pork or beef.

So before we left for our day out I put it to marinade....

I had decided on the Smokey Texan powder. The instructions say, mix with oil and water. However, being on holiday, in a caravan, meant I didn't have any oil. So water and seasoning it was. The packet also stated that you could leave it to marinade for 15 minutes, but that over night is better. So I figured that leaving them while we were out, would work.

On our way back from the park, we stopped in a local super market and picked up a disposable BBQ. 
That's when the Mr took over.......obviously!

It's so simple! He put the Smokey Texan turkey on the BBQ along with the traditional sausage and burgers. The marinade that is left in the dish was used to baste the meat, while cooking. I don't beat around the bush with my food.......


It was the first thing to go, out of all the meat. It was spicy, but not overpowering. It added to the flavour of the meat, rather than masking it. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I honestly thought it would be too strong. I had mine with the bits of salad, that were left in the fridge.

I would quite happily have cooked this, left it cool and then taken it on the day out with us. Along with a bag of prepared salad. It would be a perfect picnic lunch.

Schwartz is the leading herbs and spices brand in the UK, offering the greatest variety of herbs, spices and seasonings and is committed to making great flavour simpler for everyone. For recipes and flavour inspiration visit

I was supplied with 4 packets of Schwartz Grill Mates
free, to be reviewed.

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