Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finally Finding Myself...

I wrote the other week, about how I'm feeling more comfortable in my own skin since turning 40. Also that other peoples opinions don't matter as much any more. I still take things to heart, but it doesn't play on my mind for a long time. I am learning to shake it off.

I think it has really helped in another area of my life too...

I've always been able to knit, crochet, sew etc.. I was taught at quite a young age by my mum. She made me some truly beautiful little dresses and outfits, when I was young. Even as I got older, she used to knit my school jumper and sew my school skirt. As I've also mentioned in other posts, we weren't very well off, but thanks to my mums skills, I never felt like I went without.

These activities tend to have an 'old fashioned' label. As if choosing to do this, makes you a frumpy, middle aged woman. Then you start blogging and tweeting.......and you find some like minded souls, who are far from frumpy, or middle aged! Like me, they just love to create, and have fun doing it!

I have really discovered a love for creating, using all different kinds of wool, cotton and material. Do you think that's old fashioned? Do I care?? Ha! Nope.

This week I joined a sewing class in our local community college, my project will be making a pair of boys trousers. I want to make things easier for little A, he is doing great with his toileting, but he really needs elasticated waists. So I shall be having a go.

My other new find is Embroidery/Cross-stitch. I am not sure what label it falls under, I just know I had fun doing it! This is my 1st attempt..........

Not bad, I think.

I really am enjoying this 'being fab at 40' malarkey! 

I'm happy, I'm trying new things.......

And I'm loving it!

x Ojo x


  1. I love this! Fancy making me something!? *flutters eyelashes*

  2. Now, you see, I think 'crafts & handiwork' have come back in to fashion in the last years - certainly everyone I know seems to have some craft or skill that they enjoy... I used to sew quite a bit, and will be quite content at my sewing machine, but I don't have anywhere to set it up these days! I love your embroidery piece, it's brilliant. I also think it's brilliant that you don't care what people think these days!

  3. Lovely post and I really like your first attempt. :)


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