Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to School

So it's begun again. The back to school ritual. 

I've written before, about how our mornings go. I can't wake the 2 youngest up too early, or they have too much time on their hands. That causes major problems. I have to wake my eldest at 7:30am. But I can't get up with him! He is really grumpy in the morning, so I (don't judge), phone him from my bed, then lie there, coming around, until my next alarm at 8am which is time for me to get up and get dressed. Then I wake up the other 2, get them fed, dressed and in school by 9am.

So that's my crazy morning in a nutshell.

So, after 7 weeks off. We had an extra week because of our holiday. I didn't mean for them to miss a whole 1st week, I just misjudged when booking.

We arrived at yesterday, their 1st day back.

The eldest has been a pain in the ass in the run up to going back to school. He doesn't mind school, doesn't mind the teachers, it's the other students he's not a fan of! He has spent most of his summer holidays trying to convince me to move! He would quite happily move to Wiltshire, and go to school with his cousin. Obviously we didn't do this! He has gone back to his school, with a very maternal..........
"suck it up princess, you've only got less than a year with them!"

Middle child RJ, last year of primary *sob*. He could not wait to get back to school. He likes the organisation of it, the routine. I think he likes to use his brain, but he's not old enough to realise it yet. He left 10 minutes before school started..........for a 1 minute walk! He came home in a great mood, and his best friend is with us for an hour, after school, this week. So he is super happy. Which in turn makes me VERY happy.

Then we come to Little A. The boy that never wants to leave my side.
I fill up every time I think of this one. He's no longer a baby (although he will always be MY baby). He is no longer a nursery toddler. He is no longer a reception boy, just getting into school. Nope, now he is a proper little school boy.........
I took this on our way to school, 1st day.
We had a lot of trouble last year, as I mentioned on several posts. I had tremendous support from the school. Yesterday I wanted a quick 5 minutes with his new teacher, so I didn't feel like I'm throwing him in the deep end. It seems the support will continue, the teachers and assistants were amazing, they made me feel comfortable leaving him.

This doesn't mean I  was happy to see him go......there was possibly a little lump in my throat, watching my youngest child follow the footsteps of his older siblings.

The eldest 2 came home happy. KJ's day wasn't so bad. RJ had a fantastic day, and loves his new teacher. Little A said "it wasn't fun"..........and he "wasn't going back!" However, he did go today, without complaint. He is a little confused by the change in class, and judging by how early he went to sleep last night, I think the day wore him out..........
Little monkey asleep by 9.30......in my bed!
Now I just have to figure out what I do next!

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