Monday, September 23, 2013

A Very Clean Post....

I have been asked to review Vanish Stain Removers. Now, as you know, if you read regularly, I have 3 sons. So obviously I jumped at the chance! 

They are typical boys, the stains they sometimes create.......honestly, I don't ask!

They are not all action, sporty children. Yet somehow, they still always end up dirty. All 3 of them are the messiest eaters. RJ has dinners in school 3 days a week, you can usually tell what he's eaten, by his t-shirt. KJ, well you will see his handiwork in a moment. Then we have little A, who mostly still eats with his hands, enough said.

Would you believe, when the stuff came Vanish came through the post...........I couldn't find anything to test it on!! It didn't take long though, in fact, in the evening RJ got pen on his shirt. Then dropped something down his top! 

I also decided to try it on some older, discoloured tops, belonging to Mr. Ojo. They were tops he loved, that had gone more cream than white. Here is a picture of the tops I chose....

I thought they were a good range to test with. I had a little booklet sent with it, that gave advice on stain removal. It was the same info you would get on the Stain Removal Tips page, on the Vanish web site. It's all very good advice, aimed at everyday stains. So following it's advice, I started pre-treating some, soaking some, then my teen son walks in for his lunch.........and gives me something fresh to try it on too!!

Yep, that's his shirt, with a big dollop of red sauce down the front! You couldn't make this stuff up!! 

There are so many useful tips on how to remove every day stains on the Vanish site, like how to remove Blood. How many times has your child had a bump, or like RJ, suffer with nose bleeds. Or, if you're like my hubby, fallen asleep with a cup of Tea in your hand!? (Yes he really does, I think it's a family thing, his sis does it too!). All of these are dealt with on the site, I've highlighted the stains I have to deal with, but there is so much more to find information about.

Back to my stuff. As I said, I soaked the old shirts for about an hour. I pre-treated the ink, ketchup and food stain. I then added them to the rest of my whites, for washing, with a scoop of Vanish powder.

I am incredibly pleased with the outcome! The old shirts are looking white again, I soaked for approximately an hour. The food stain is gone from the T-shirt. As for the school shirt, with ink on, I couldn't find anything on any of the school shirts I washed. 

I honestly didn't expect the results I had. I can just about see the ketchup stain, if I look very closely, but since ironing, I can't see that either. I am most pleased with the old shirts. I took this extra picture, so you could honestly compare......

The colour difference in that rugby shirt is fantastic, and leaves me with a happy Mr. Ojo.

I thought the adverts I had seen on t.v. were all different lights, or tops even! But following the treatment advice on the website, I discovered it actually does work.

A definite addition to the cupboard in Ojo's World now.

x Ojo x

I was sent the products free of charge, in order to review.
All views and opinions are honest and all my own.

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