Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wobbles Wednesday (sort of)

I am having a bit of a hellish week. I am not sleeping, not eating properly. 
I can't seem to organise my thoughts and then it all comes crashing together, when I go to bed!

I have been tagged in several posts, one of which is the wobble wednesday, which I swore I would join in every week! 

I have completely fallen apart this week, if I'm perfectly honest.

In the past, and this is the 1st time I'm truly sharing this, I have had terrible trouble with binge eating. I did go to my doctor at the time about it. However, it was an old fashioned Dr, who's answer  was to tell me to 'stop it then' when I tried to talk to him.

People don't realise it's a problem, they think because you're not vomiting afterwards (bulimia), then it's not an eating disorder.


I am not talking about eating one too many biscuits or an extra sandwich. I have seen me eat a whole loaf of bread, early hours of the morning, because I didn't want my husband to see.

This is kind of what has been happening this week. I'm a bit emotional, feeling a bit lonely and secluded. Food has become my friend, and enemy.
This is why I am currently up by 3lb.

Not much I know, but it's a reccurring problem that I need to deal with or I will never lose weight.

Thank you for reading, and sorry my Wobbles Wednesday turned into this.

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  1. hey, be a bit easier on yourself. You are recognising what you are doing so that is a big leap. Try going to a different docs. log it before you eat it, might help? I don't know but with you every step of the way. Huge huge hugs xxxxxx

    1. I am fighting my own demons, I will get there one day. Thank you for your support, across all the forums, it really does mean a lot xx

  2. I totally understand because I used to be a binge eater. I'd eat in secret once hubby and the kids were in bed and I could eat a whole tub of ice cream followed by a full packet of jaffa cakes and if I was on a huge binge, I'd then eat a few bags of crisps as well.
    I wouldn't eat them and enjoy the flavour and texture of the food, I'd eat it as fast I could because I didn't want anyone to catch me eating because that would mean I'd have to stop.

    Before joining slimming world, I started to tackle my binge eating by confessing to my husband the next morning after having a binge. Talking about it to the one person who I didn't want to know about it made me face my problem.

    Since joining slimming world a year ago I've only had 2 occasions where I've felt out of control and waited for my husband to go to bed so I could eat but I managed to get control back very quickly and didn't give in to the urge :)

    I think it's something I'm going to battle with for the rest of my life but this last year has shown me that I can keep control and every time I get the urge, I'll fight it with everything I've got because nothing is going to make me put any weight on after losing 7 stone this year.
    I still have another 11 stone to go so to reach my goal I have to fight.

    If you ever want to chat my email is

    1. Thank you so much! Supporting one another is important xx

  3. That's a tough week but you've taken a massive step forward and that's writing it down. I agree that a change of doctor might help. I can totally understand that need to eat and then the guilt afterwards. Hugs and thanks for linking up xx
    Jeannette @autismmumma


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