Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wobbles and pains

It is Wednesday.

Do you know how I know it's Wednesday?

Because someone on twitter told me it was Wobbles Wednesday..........Otherwise, I probably wouldn't of had a clue!

So how am I doing?

SHIT in all honesty! (Yes, I've said a naughty word again, it's getting to be a regular thing isn't it?)

In all fairness I will say, I have lost..........*fanfare please*


That's actually quite good, I know. Now I will tell you why I'm having a rubbish week.

A while ago I wrote about the terrible pain I was in daily. It is something to do with the nerves in my lower back, and it leaves me with shooting pains going down my legs. I had physio (a couple of times, then everyone else's needs took over, as usual), she prescribed some tablets that are suited to get rid of nerve pain like this. I was to take them at night, 1 at first, then gradually increasing until they worked, up to 5 a night. At 3 a night, I noticed the pain was a lot less. This enabled me to move around a little more, which also helped the pain.

So all was good! I was finding I didn't need the co-codamol, that was also prescribed.........

Until about a week ago! It has flared back up horribly. I cannot stand straight, I cannot sit without pain. Getting back up after sitting is tear inducing. I don't have time to go to the Dr. just to be told the same thing. So I am taking one day at a time, trying to move around a little. I even walked the 100 yards to the shop yesterday. I've also managed to potter around the kitchen today, although not much.

I did, however, manage to make it out to dinner with 2 friends, on Sunday night. Mr. Ojo took us all down, and picked us up when we had finished. Luckily he found 3 tipsy women highly amusing and I found that gin helps with the pain! I had a very healthy meal.............Steak and Ale pie with gravy is healthy? Yes?

So that is why this week has been a little Crap.

I did lose weight though!


  1. Well done on your weight loss :) Sorry to hear about your back problem. I used to get sciatica and it had me in tears at times so I know how you feel.
    Hope you manage to get it sorted xx

  2. Ouchie! Poor you, I had sciatica through my pregnancies and currently have a really bad neck so sympathies. Hope the doc can help, thanks for linking up
    Jeannette @autismmumma


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