Monday, August 19, 2013

Welsh Bloggers

So, being a blogger from Wales, I have noticed a big gap in recognition. I'm not saying that someone should be shouting from the roof tops, but a little recognition of what we do, would be lovely. Personally I put my heart and soul on these pages, as many of you do. 

I just thought it would be lovely to recognise that there are a lot of superb bloggers. Either living in Wales, or from Wales and living elsewhere. Over the next few weeks I am going introduce a few different blogs at a time. Then, when they've all been introduced, I shall do a monthly round up of what's going on, in the world of Welsh bloggers.

a blogger that has a wide range of content on her blog. Reviews and competitions, as well as photography. A well established blog that is ranked #155 on Tots100 index, brilliant, when you consider there are over 6000!

 Fabulous idea, looks for the stuff she loves across the web, and shares the best. Like your own blogger personal shopper! As if that wasn't good enough, there are also some delicious recipes along side, some lovely photography......and some very good ideas!

A personal blog, that talks openly about her IVF treatment that led to her twins. Also the winner of the Wales Blog Award last year for 'Best New Blog'. A really informative blog, opened my eyes.

 Seeing life through the eyes of a Welsh Student, soon to be housewife and writer. A busy life and a very honest blog. 

 Her about me says 'my world revolves around my 3 boys'. A very honest blog about her life with children and the fun they have.

So that's my first batch of Welsh Bloggers that I think you should take a look well as mine! Obviously....

Each page title is a link back to the blog described, I would love some feedback about what you would like to see included in a blog about bloggers from Wales. Next week I will highlight the next 5. 

Hope you give them a read! Give them some love.


  1. Thanks for including me. I'll be checking out all the others later.

  2. What a fab idea - will have a browse of these tonight when I have a minute to myself ;-)


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