Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Walkers Mighty Lights

I had a new postman yesterday, that is completely irrelevant to the point of today's post, but it's a starting point!

I could hear two post men outside, talking. The experienced postman (who is also not my normal posty, but I digress) was explaining to the new posty, how to deliver a parcel. I had my front door open, and was curious about what parcel they were discussing............I wasn't expecting anything?!

It was rather a large box. No idea what it was. So obviously I ripped the box open opened it gently, to see what was in there.

I was very surprised to find these.........

Oh. My. Goodness.

Does the Walkers Crisps fairy know how much we love their crisps!?! 
Had I been a really good girl?? 
Who cares I had CRISPS!?
 3 multipacks, no less!!
(scuse the excessive amount of exclamation marks, but it was CRISPS!!)

Now for those of you that understand the obsessive side of Autism, will understand my joy at having free crisps. You see, little A only likes beige.......and chocolate, but mostly beige. He eats potato products, chicken nuggets....and crisps. Lots and lots and lots of crisps. He particularly likes 'red ones' (ready salted to you and me). He eats about 3 packets a day! I have to allow it, as his diet is so limited, its a way to get his calorie intake.

So imagine my utter joy at seeing that this new Walkers range, the Mighty Lights, are 30% lower in fat! Even better! This is a great thing, in my opinion, as it's the saturated fat that does the most damage. If you take a look at the web page for this new range, www.walkersmightylights.co.uk, as I did, you will see the nutritional break down of the packets. The saturated fats in the lightly salted crisps is 0.5g!

As you would expect from a Walkers product, they are made from real potatoes, without any of the added preservatives or colours. As a mother of a child with different needs, this is important to me. So many of these things can effect children in adverse ways, knowing that I can give him the thing he loves, without the worry of it harming him (or making him hyper!).

From a child's perspective, he just wants it to taste nice.........

Yes, it's slightly posed, but he did wolf down the whole packet after!
I think it gets the thumbs up!

All of us got to try the other flavours, my hubby has given these the BIG thumbs up. I think he has hidden the Roast Chicken ones for himself. We are also trying to eat a little healthier, so the cut in fat allows us to have our favourite treats. Especially as my hubby is forever looking for snack type food, to take to work. He comes home for his lunch, but snacks keep him going.

My love is the Cheese and Onion. There is nothing nicer, for me, than a Cheese and Onion crisp sandwich.......really! I've already replaced my full white bread, with smaller wholemeal slices. I've replaced my full fat spread, to a lighter alternative. Now, thanks to the Mighty Lights, my crisps are 30% less fat too!

What more does a woman need?

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