Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Book Catch Up

I have really fallen behind with the 'read 50 books in 2013' challenge. I have blamed a certain book, that I just couldn't get into. I was reading one or two pages, every now and then.

How can I blame the book though? I could of just downloaded another book!

I have decided to catch up my reviews now, as I actually have 4 that I haven't done. The problem is.........I can't even remember reading one of them!! Ha ha.
So I shall be flitting through my kindle, to remind myself as I type.

As usual, I don't go too much detail, as I read mostly crime/thriller books, I would hate to give away any juicy parts of the plot.

Don't Scream - Wendy Corsi Staub
This books centres around 4, very different, women. It catches up with them, 10 years after an incident that had happened in their school days. One of the girls had  gone missing in mysterious circumstances. As the birthday of the missing girl comes around, strange things start happening to her circle of friends.
It is actually quite a good book, with many twists, leaving you wondering who is behind the events. I have to admit, it was a very easy read, and I read it quite quickly. The characters are well defined, with out being overly described. As a reader, I got a sense of them. Not all of them were likable characters, but that's a testament to the author, that you still keep reading.

White Bones - Graham Masterton
This is the book that brought me to a halt. Bodies have been found, buried in a family farm yard. The bones are very old, and have strange dolls attached to them. That's pretty much as far as I got. It's honestly not a bad book, its well written, in fact it's exactly the type of book I love, I just cannot seem to sit and read it! I will try and revisit it in the future, but for now, a change of book is needed.

Taken - L. Jerome Word
A short book about a case involving missing children. The person taking the children makes contact with a newspaper reporter, who then helps the police to catch him. It was a good book, but felt rather 'convenient'. I read another of his books next, which was longer and a lot better written. This book almost feels like an introduction to that one.

Nocturnal - L. Jerome Word
This is a much better, fuller book, than the last one of his I read. It looks into a crime that has affected the lead character since his teens, the death of his best friend. I really did get hooked into this, I must say though, its a very strange story. With some old southern beliefs, mixed with crime drama. It tells a strange story, and leaves you wondering what you do, and don't believe.

The Curious Incident........- Mark Haddon
A must read if you have a child, or any family member, with Autism. It was recommended to me by several people, but I kept forgetting the name! Most recently it was mentioned by an old school friend,  I downloaded it straight away, so I didn't forget again! This book is told by a 15 year old autistic child. It is his attempt to solve a crime, and all that happens because of it. I really cannot describe this book, it's one of the best reads in a very long time. Whatever genre you prefer, still give this a read. It is excellently written and gives more of an insight into autism than any other book/pamphlet I have read. You feel like you are with him the whole way, his fears, his 'odd' behaviour is all explained with such logic. 
I implore you to read this book, it's simply magnificent.

Currently reading:
Broken - Shy Keenan
This is a gut wrenching story so far, especially as it's her story. I will write a review when finished.

I hope I've given you enough, I haven't really had a book I didn't like, just one that I couldn't read! 
What are you reading? Can you recommend a good one for me?

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