Friday, August 16, 2013

Sugar Free Chocolate fudge Cake

Yes, really.........I made it, it looks like this...

The official verdict was good, then they scoffed the lot in one 1day! I want to add a little disclaimer here, when cooked, this isn't light. It is more like the consistency of fudge/pudding. It really did hit the spot, to cure a cake craving, I just didn't want you to expect a light fluffy type cake. I would also like to point out, I always weigh my eggs in shells, then work the recipe around it, if your eggs weigh slightly less, add a little more milk, to compensate. If they weigh a little more, add a little less milk! Another thing, I am not up on my 'sweetener etiquette', so make sure it's suitable for baking.


For the cake:

185g Eggs (weighed in shells it was 3 medium eggs for me)
150g plain flour
35g cocoa powder (I used a fat reduced one)
1 cup of sweetener (If you have measuring cups, if not it's around 15g)
150g of light butter (fess up time, I used 'Can't believe its not butter lighter')
2tsps/10g of baking powder
2/3 tablespoons of semi skimmed milk

For the Topping:

1 Table Spoon of cocoa powder
2 Table Spoons of Sweetener
100g of light soft cheese
10g of Butter (I used the same stuff as for the cake)


Preheat the oven to gas mark 5/350F/180C. 

Once you've completed these steps, you will find the mixture quite thick, almost like a choux pastry consistency. This is where you add the milk, I needed about 3 table spoons to make it like a thick cake mixture. As I've stated before, it depends on the eggs.

Grease and line the bottom of a cake tin, put in the mixture, spreading it out fairly evenly. Cook for 20mins in the centre of the oven. Same as a cake, if a tester stick comes out clean its done. When cooked, allow to cool on a cooling rack.

For the frosting, just blend everything together in a bowl, when cake is completely cooled, spread over the top, however you want! 

It is not a overly sweet cake, but the frosting adds that. It was a huge hit in my house. Using the MyfitnessPal recipe creator, cut into 8,  I worked it out as......

174 Calories a Slice!

Very pleased with that! Really cured the cake craving, the hubby thinks it would be nice with custard, my mum said cream. 

If you do have a go, please let me know how you got on.

Fell free to share, just be polite enough to acknowledge
where the recipe came from, thanks


  1. ooh sugar free you say - so I can have twice as much? ;-)

  2. As Helen says a real chance to indulge! Looks fab and a must try for me. popping over from Bake it Monday.

  3. This looks divine and sugar free is such a brilliant way to enjoy and not feel guilty thank you for joining in at Bake it at The good life mum xx


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