Thursday, August 01, 2013

Slinky Wobbly R2BC

You may, or may not, of realised that I am linking this post to several different links. Mainly because they all fall under the same sort of theme this week.

Yep. This week has a theme!

All links will be at the bottom of the page, so if you want to join in, gain inspiration, or simply nose into people's lives, you can click on a name or picture.

So here goes my reasons to be a slinky, wobbly and cheerful! HA!

1. I lost 3.1lb this week!! Woohoo! No secret to it, no fancy pay weekly club (that I can't really afford). Just willpower and determination. Hopefully it will keep going and I won't give up........which is what I normally do.

2. This week I started the couch 2 5k programme. I know I have a messed up ankle and am on the *ahem* large side. But we all have to start somewhere. I will mainly use the treadmill, or on the spot jogging, for now as I am not brave enough to bounce along the streets........people would actually see me!?!!......

Which kind of leads to my reason number 3.

My training partner.......phwoar.....Yep you've guessed it Mr.Ojo is working out with his weights while I train. I work up a sweat just watching him!

So, my plans for this week? Pretty much keep doing what I am doing. I am exercising daily, every other day doing the C25K, then less intensity when I'm not. I am also incorporating some weights into my workout.

Lets hope you can all keep me on track!

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  1. You've done so well! I agree that weekly weigh in clubs aren't the way to go..just determination. Te couch to 5k is brilliant, and I am re starting after a blip. Looking forward to seeing your progress :) and don't be shy about pounding the pavement, least you're put which is more than anyone can say...

  2. Well done you! Great reasons !

  3. At the end of the day you should never worry about what anyone says, at the end of the day it doesn't matter if your on the large side or the skinny side, you are beautiful inside and out :) Just popping by via the #R2BC link up x

  4. Well done that's fantastic especially as you did it on your own. I'm like you, I use the treadmill in the basement well away from anyone. It's nice that you and Mr Ojo can do it together, it will be easier to achieve your goal with some support.

  5. Well done on the weight loss and for doing it with just your own motivation behind you!

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments :-D xx

  7. Well done you. You are so attractive anyway, far more than you probably know.

  8. Sounds like a great start to getting fit and healthy, well done!

  9. well done you!! your super keep going x

  10. Congratulations! Great weight loss and lots of exercise too.
    Hope you have a fab week x


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