Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Room 101

You may have noticed a slight 'up and down' in my mood lately. I think I am going a little stir crazy.

So in a sense it's a great time to do a room 101 on things that p**s me off! I can have a good old moan and then tomorrow I can write my reasons to be cheerful!? Sound good?? 
Thanks to the lovely FabFortyMum (Who I would stalk be friends with, if she lived closer), who did one, then tagged me

So here are my 3 things that I would like forever banished. 
(I would like to add at this point, this post may get quite sweary)


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.........WASPS! Agghhghg! I absolutely detest the little buggers! They have no point (see what I did there??). They are annoying, and they make me go ninja in public! I have only been stung once. When I was smoking and working, I nipped out the back of the shop for a cig and one of the little buggers stung me, through my shirt!! So not only are they horrible, they are also sneaky. Disgusting things that I would love to see banished for ever!

People who don't indicate. I mean seriously!?!?! IT'S NOT FWCKING HARD!! Just a little flick of the finger and that's it! Everyone knows what every one else is doing, and everything runs smoother!! I cannot put onto this page just how much it pisses me off!! I actually had to follow someone once, that had no use for indicators. His excuse..........."I know where I'm going" F@@KING SERIOUSLY!! There is quite simply no excuse, none! So go away you breed of non indicators! OK!?

Condescending people. I detest you OK?? Are you ready to find out who you are, well here goes.
Mechanics that still live in the dark ages and think a woman doesn't understand!
yes, you do still exist and they can fwck off!!! I do know what's going on with my car, and it's me that will be paying you so be nice or go away!! K!!
Perfect Parents.......
'Little Timmy only has 1 hour of screen time, then we do crafts, then we bake, then we.......blah, blah fwcking BLAH!!!'
If you do all this shit, good for you! You have no idea what my life is about. You have no idea what it's like to try and do ANYTHING with all 3 of my boys. I took all 3 shopping today, on my own.....UGH. I managed to split myself into 3! I also managed to stop any meltdowns and keep them fairly calm. However I was exhausted by the time I got back to the car. If RJ, who was quite hyper about shopping, had shouted at me one more time, I think I may of lost it. So you only give them 2 hours of screen time?? Come live in my house darling, and see how long it takes you to give that up? I would give you a couple of hours, less if you're going to make them do crafts!!
There are lists of people out there that seem to live their lives proving that they know more than you. Well good for you! so you know more.........I DON'T CARE!

So there, a little ranty, a little sweary, that's me! I want all of these things in room 101 now please. Now excuse me, I have to go and stick some fish fingers in the oven, whilst I prise my son away from the Xbox with the promise of chocolate, then drive my car, WITH INDICATORS, to pick up my hubby. Just pray I don't see any wasps, my driving and ninja skills are not finely honed yet.

I tag.............
City Girl Gone Coastal (because I know she will make me laugh)
Mama Owl (because I genuinely want to know what she would send there)
Mumblings on the Verge (Because I think she deserves to put some stuff in there)


  1. I totally agree with everything!!
    hahaha!! The Perfect Parents bit made me LOL! Life is more fun NOT being a Perfect Parent...hehehe x

  2. hahahaha oh Jo I love it and I love you even more. I agree totally with your choices wasps are feckers as are perfect parents and twats that don't indicate :) xxx

  3. Love it, great idea for a meme. Eastbourne is terrible for people not indicating, bloody twats!

  4. Hahaha oh I love this!! Perfect parents...I think they're lying, they're lying. Right? Liars!!


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