Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful 29/08

So as you know, especially if you read my Promise, I've been having a tough summer.

Now I am in need of a break, so here are my.

HOLIDAYS!! I am off for a week in Weymouth. We went to this place at Easter, and loved it. This time we get warm weather too, yay! I have my dog/housesitter in place. I am finally organised and ready to go. I won't be taking a break, as such, from blogging. Simply because a. I find it relaxing and b. I have a very supportive husband, who knows it helps me relax. So they may be late in the eve, but if I have something to say, I'll be saying it!

Hubby on the Mend. Phew! Very, very glad my hubby is feeling better. I will still be doing most of the driving for the next few days, but he is better, that is all that matters.

Chocolate!! Approximately 10 weeks ago, the hubby, my son and I, gave up chocolate. Yes, really!!
Since then, we have had the occasional bourbon biscuit, but no real chocolate. This self imposed ban, was to last until the holiday. I think I've managed to lose about 7lb since this started, now it's coming to an end.........and we can't bloody wait! Although, thanks to my diabetes, I won't be going crazy, but I will definitely be having a Snickers.........or a Toblerone......or a Dairy Milk.....or....What was I talking about???

I would also like to thank my fairymother of ironing, who did all of it in a couple of hours yesterday, as no one in our house was up to it! You're my angel.

I hope everyone can find something to be cheerful about this week, like children going back to school, maybe??
Have a great week all, I will x


  1. So glad your hubby is feeling better. Have a great holiday x

  2. Glad that he's on the mend, I hope you have a lovely hols x

  3. enjoy that well earned break, well done on the chocolate and weight front

  4. Hoope you have a good time in Weymouth and you can relax a bit....well a huge amount! Make sure you find some time for yourself as well! Glad your hubbie is on the mend x

  5. wow, where did you get that ironing fairy from?! I want one! Wish I coulod stop the chocolate cravings, well done you!

  6. Have a really lovely holiday. I am like you and love to blog and my husband knows it does me good too.
    So pleased to know you even a little bit.

  7. Glad hubby is feeling better. Hope you all have a great, relaxing holiday x


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