Saturday, August 03, 2013

Pity the Prince??

Sounds like an odd statement doesn't it? I couldn't really think of an appropriate title, to really express what I feel.

I don't feel sorry for him as such, his life is what it is. What's normal for us, what's normal for them........polar opposites! (What's normal anyway?). That's why I feel a little sad I guess, they miss out on some of what the average Joe classes as 'normal'.

Who's going to be at this child's christening, for example. It will be chosen by an Aide to the royal family. It won't be a family affair, it will probably resemble a PR exercise. If you don't fit the right image you won't be invited. Every step, on the day, will be papped and dissected. Who's wearing who and what.

There's already been the terrible OK mag cover, which spread through twitter like wildfire, thanks mostly to Katy Hill shouting how disgusting it was. They are already commenting on a future queens body, hours after she had produced a human being ffs! The press and trash mags have no shame in this country!

Then the little boy will be taking his 1st steps, which will, probably, be recorded. Not by someones phone, but by a million cameras, all waiting with baited breath, for something that is so personal, so treasured. He will get used to it, I'm sure. That's not the point though, is it? It's supposed to be the excited parents that call everyone and squeal with excitement! 

Then there's those, occasional, hot summer days. Those days we get the paddling pool out in the back yard and let our kids soak each other, and everything else within splashing distance. We let our kids strip off and splash around..........he's never going to be able to have that freedom, is he? 

(Think Fergie and the 'toe sucking' incident. Or Harry and the 'vegas' pictures)

There's always going to be that possibility of a long lens or a 'friend' that may be a little short of cash.....

I've read that Kate only wants a part-time nanny and William will be a hands on dad. 
I do hope both those statements are true. A child deserves a childhood. Diana did the best she could, to give it to her boys. 

I only know that from the pictures I saw in the Tabloids though....

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