Thursday, August 08, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful 08/08

Phew, I have had a busy, unhealthy day *sigh*

I pigged out on bread earlier, gawd knows why. I definitely don't!

Anyway, to brush that off, and keep myself busy, I got out my sewing machine. I have finally been allowed 5 minutes to finish an item. It really needed finishing as it was a gift to one of my 100 followers on facebook. Now I just have to send it and pray she likes it!! (There will be a separate post when I know she has received it).

I suppose that could be one of my reasons to be cheerful this week. However, I only have one, very special, absolutely stupendous, amazeballs reason to be cheerful.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Here it is!!.......

This may not mean a lot to some, unless you know me personally, or are a regular reader.

Today.......Little A went to the hairdressers!! AND had his hair cut!!

He's been to the hairdressers many times, even sat in the seat, never actually managed a hair cut. He's been to specialist hair dressers. He's been to the hairdresser in our village, that he goes past everyday. 
We've tried PECS, we've tried talking, we tried playing with his hair to desensitise him! 

He has even been to this particular 'special' hairdressers before. They are just a normal hairdresser, with an area set aside, with a little car and TV, for children. The reason they are better than most, is that, they are right by a school that houses an autistic unit. So over the years they have gained experience. 

I normally try not to treat my son differently, he has to grow up in the real world. However in some cases, like haircuts, I have to consider his needs. Hair cuts could be causing him actual physical pain. He doesn't like it when I do it in his sleep. When ever he has had hair cuts in the past, it has led to major problems from him, that last for days. Also lots of tears from me, I don't want to be the one causing my baby pain!!!

For this reason, hubby took him today. I wasn't honestly expecting him to come home with it cut! 
Hubby said the lady that cut it was awesome, she talked all the way through, was extra gentle and kept stopping to get the hair of him.........fantastic!

She has told us to take him as often as possible, as he will get used to it.........I think I can manage that. 
I mean, look how gorgeous he is?!


  1. What a fabulous reason, well done little A, that's two big achievements recently! you must be so proud :-)

    1. I am over the moon! It is an awesome summer for us xx

  2. I totally get how what a huge deal the haircut is - oddly enough my son with aspergers is not too bad - but on my work page, haircuts for children with autism are one of the most popular discussion topics of all. So pleased to you xx

  3. Ahh what great news and yes he looks fabulous. Mich x


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