Friday, August 09, 2013

Personal Planner Competition

I have been asked to run a simple little give away on my blog! 

The giveaway if for a FREE, personalised, personal planner. It's from (just click to be transported there). 

For those of us at Brit Mums Live, they were one of the sponsors. Also the people that left that lovely book on the table, for us all to have. For those not, it looks like this.......

It has been by my side constantly since the conference! I write recipes, notes, poems.....pretty much any passing thought that I want to keep. The only thing I lost with this book, was the voucher that was inside! 

I didn't mind........too much!       (That's a lie, I was gutted).

Then the lovely CityGirlGoneCoastal ran a competition! Just like this one in fact. With hers you had to leave a comment on her blog, then she held a draw. One of her gorgeous little boys only picked my blinking name out!!

So I had a free planner, that I could design myself!
It really is a simple process, but so much fun. You can pick and choose colour, style, wording, everything is to your own personal choice (hence the name, I guess!). I really did enjoy going through, swapping and changing until the design was how I like it.

They have also got a facebook page if you fancy taking a look,

Here is a peak at the outside of my planner, not showing you any more's mine!
Cool or what???

Now the lovely people at Personal Planner have only gone and asked me to run a similar sort of competition.

So you lovely people, the rule is, you leave a comment here, or on my facebook picture of my planner. The comment has to answer this question.

Why do you need one of these Gorgeous planners in your life?

Phew that's a hard one isn't it??

So come one, come all, if you really want one of these in your life, comment here, or on the picture, on my fb page. If you are commenting as anonymous please make sure you leave your name! 

I will put all the names into a random picker on the 17th August 2013.

Good luck! 


  1. To help me plan all my blog posts!

  2. Oh please powers of fate, pick me! I'm in desperate need of organisation.

    Lisa @h

  3. These are really cool looking. I would like to win one so I can give it to my teenage daughter for Christmas, as she's always forgetting things.

  4. I need a planner to try and organise our hectic life!

  5. I'd love to schedule all my meetings and somehow blog posts , I am needing one :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  6. I would make it for my little sister. She is starting Uni is september so will be needing it to keep track of all her science and medical mumbo jumbo!

    Great Post xx

  7. My daughter starts school in September and that is a big change to our routine. I would like a planner so I'm clear what everyone is doing when.

  8. A gorgeous planner means a gorgeous life, right! ;)

  9. Little lady starting school next week! Launching a big fundraising appeal at work I need help to remember to pick her up, and where from!!!

  10. This would be absolutely perfect for my blog! And who doesn't love a brand new shiny planner!

    Laura x x x

  11. because my memory is awful and this would be great to help me stay organised.

  12. help me to organised my life!


  13. to help me organise my crazy, busy life. From blogging to hospital appointments

  14. I need a planner cos I'm one of those unorganized, write it on a scrap of paper with a broken crayon types, and I really should be more organized with 2 children and a blog to look after. And these look so lovely, I'm sure it would make an organizer of me!

  15. Just had a good look at the website and I would love one of these to help me organise myself and 5 children (and husband too!) Only thing missing for me is a breakdown each day for each person (to save me writing all the names in). I'm sure I could come up with a way to use the modules for this, though! In fact I'm so impressed if I don't win I shall probably buy one (or two)...


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