Monday, August 05, 2013

meal plan Monday 05/08

This week as my eldest is on holidays with a friend and the hubby's got late finishes, I am pretty much just cooking for me!

Little A has such a limited diet (potato products, nuggets, crisps and toast) and RJ is very fussy about trying new foods. So I thought I would experiment, for myself, from cookbooks. Knowing that RJ loves pasta I can just leave out some cooked pasta for him when adding the sauces! Simple.

So here are this weeks meals:

Pasta Primavera
Potato and Sweetcorn Soup
Chicken and Pasta
Corned beef hash
Homemade turkey nuggets and chips
Roast Dinner

The recipes are from various cookbooks I have around the house, I will change them up a little, just  to suit my dietary needs.......and so I can get RJ to actually try them.

I also wanted to share my bolognese recipe with you. I find that many traditional bolognese recipes put so much into them. Why? It can be such a lovely family meal, made very simply! The recipe I'm sharing with you is one I use when I am just cooking for me and Mr.Ojo. If the boys are eating it I leave out the pepper and, chop everything much smaller so they don't notice!

Bolognese Recipe
Serves 4

250g of extra lean mince beef
small carton of passata
1 green pepper
200g of button mushrooms
2 medium onions
2 beef oxos
2tsps of Italian garlic seasoning


*Put the beef into a frying pan to brown. I will confess I use a wok to do anything like this, I just find it's easier to stir and contain, plus nothing sticks to my wok. 
*While the beef is browning slice the onions. Once the beef has browned all over add the onion, then repeat with the pepper and mushroom. I like to leave them a decent size, because I like the flavours. 
*Once it's all mixed in and starting to soften, add the passata. Stir and warm through, then add the oxo cubes. 
*Once all ingredients are blended and bubbling, turn down to a simmer. Leave for around 15 to 20 minutes, to make sure everything is cooked. Keep moving it around or the bottom may burn.
*A couple of minutes before you are ready to serve sprinkle with Italian garlic herbs.

I personally adore the flavour the peppers give to this, I would probably also get shouted at by any chefs! It's not traditional, it's just what we love. 
I would also like to point out, made this way and checked through myfitnesspal, the calories per serving are just 165!

What's your favourite family meal, and are you having it this week?

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  1. That bolognese recipe sounds and looks delicious!! Spaghetti bolognese is a favourite in our house...May have to give it a try :)


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