Friday, August 30, 2013


We are here!! Beautiful Sunny Weymouth.
It really is sunny here, you could feel the temperature rising as we got closer.
I would also like to assure everyone that I haven't gone bonkers, releasing this info. I can't put my dog in kennels, so I always have a dog/house sitter for the weeks I'm away.

I actually drove the whole way here, just over 125 miles. I've never driven that far before. Quite frankly, I know why. I was crapping myself on the motorway! It didn't effect my driving, I just don't like it!

We got to our site (Haven Sea view) before our room was ready, so we all had a bit of lunch before checking in fully.

Our caravan is basic, but beautiful and clean. I, personally don't see what's wrong with going for the basic, it means I get to spend more of my money on fun things.

We've just spending the afternoon adapting to the surroundings now. RJ and Little A have disappeared into their room, with the trusted Ipad and DVD player. This always happens, I think it's their way of settling in. RJ isn't happy that I didn't bring his net book, which almost led to a meltdown, but he seems to have calmed himself (with the help of the Ipad).

Little A has not stopped mentioning that it is Toy Day (Friday is the day he gets his reward for doing good things), so hopefully the right toy will be found!

The Mr and KJ have gone to the supermarket to buy the necessities. 

And me?........I have sorted out my dongle (Stop snickering in the back) and am writing this, then I am going to reward myself for driving all the way here with, an hour on my kindle and some of the lovely Chocolate Bread I made.....

I will probably post about this recipe one evening this week, it's utterly delicious with a bit of butter on!

So that's me settled and happy. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned x

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  1. Your caravan looks amazing.. in fact it looks HUGE! Have a wonderful break away.


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