Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hollibobs Day 2

Bit of a blip today, easily sorted by the wonderful staff at Haven. 
But a blip none the less.

There was a problem with the boiler in our old van, that couldn't be immediately rectified. So they have upgraded us and are giving us a voucher to use on site. They have shown nothing but impeccable customer service. But then, part of reason we keep coming back to Haven, is because of  the wonderful staff we have encountered.

Of course this does mean another day of RJ adapting, which means staying in his room. I'm not going to push as he has been so close to the edge since we got here.

My calming skills have been on top form since arrival. If I'm honest, and I will write it here (because this is why I started my blog in the first place), I am bloody sick of it!! I want time off. 

I want to read my book without having to keep one ear open. I don't want to think of every possible calamity, whenever we leave the van!

However, I am determined to enjoy this holiday. So let's look at the bright side. RJ can shut 2 doors between him and us now. This means he can make it a lot quieter, which means he will be a lot happier when he chooses to come out.

This new caravan also offers a lot more space for little A's stimming, so he is MUCH happier.

Also, the weather is absolutely stunning. The park is as wonderful as I remember.

That's enough for me....... for now! x

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