Monday, August 26, 2013

Driving me Crazy..

I have decided to finally get around to the driving songs meme, that I have been tagged by 2 people to write!
The fabulous ladies at City Girl Gone Coastal and Fab Forty Mum, have both asked me what my ultimate driving list would be.

Putting thought into this, I rarely have a choice in what we actually get to listen to, so I decided to give you an idea of what the family would choose, individually. By the end of it, you will probably wonder how we don't all kill each other!!

There will be a combination of links and videos, some won't allow me to put videos on here, sorry! If you click on the song titles it will take you to YouTube.

Lets Start with Little A:
He has 2 songs that, as soon as we get in the car, he will ask for them
Firstly there is this one:
Blondie - One way or another
Yes, he is just that damn cool.
The next one, not so much, my apologies, but he loves this song!...

Now it's RJ:
His first choice surprised me! I forgot how awesome my kids are:
Guns and Roses - Sweet Child of Mine
I should of known his second one, as he's learning to play it!
AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
I swear that little 10 year old is soooo bloody cool.

Next up is Mr. Ojo
 Who, very quickly, picked his song. This first one is kind of our song. The first verse is very much us....
(this is one of the best versions I've ever found)

His second one took a little time and thought, to just pick one!
After a lot of thought, and ages on YouTube, he finally picked this one.
ZZTop - Sharp Dressed Man

The teen is up now, KJ:
You may now notice a slight change in style......just a little....
Ying Yang Twins - Dangerous
(got to confess. I heard this for the1st time today, and love it!)
Ying Yang - Naggin'
Ummm, nothing more to say about these, really......

Now it's Meeee:
Now, I know her videos are a bit, ummmm, different?! So I will give you the one with the lyrics. I cannot explain to you how much I love this song. I have done since I first heard it, by accident. It's different to what you'd expect from Lady Gaga:

This next one is one of my all time faves, that's it....
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
If you've never heard it, please give it a look, brilliant song, sung beautifully.

I'm not stopping at 2, because if I am in the car, I take the long way around and sing my head off!
This one takes me back to the very early stages of my relationship with Mr. Ojo...
The Eagles - Take it easy

This song got me through my hormonal teens, and gave me something to get all dreamy over...
Whitesnake - Is this Love
It still makes my go a little dreamy!

Another one I love to sing  listen to, in fact there are 2 by the same band (I have them on my phone! I don't think I want to grow up).....
Poison - Every Rose has its Thorn
(I used to sing this in the school band!)
Poison - Your Mama Don't Dance
My hubby's first choice (Kid Rock) would also be on my list.

Finally there would be a lot, actually the whole collection of Pink songs, but I will leave you with this one....
Pink - Just give me a reason

Expect every song on this list, of mine, to be sung along top volume!!

I would like to tag Mama Owl and Lou's Lake Views, because I am genuinely curious as to what they would listen to! (read as nosy). However if you read this, and decide to have a go, let me know!


  1. Love it, proper classics which are freakin awesome.

    But umm KJ, what they hell, just no, no and no again!

    And I just refuse to acknowledge Little As 2nd choice!

  2. Love it, Love it, Love, some fab choices Jo and AJ is definitely a very cool boy, I love both of his and I love a bit of Gaga every now and then. Alannah Myles, The Eagles, Whitesnake and Poison, all music that I love. I'm going to see Whitesnake in November :)

  3. Thanks for the Tag honey, I'm looking forward to getting on with this now I'm back from holiday. We have quite similar music taste actually and I love to sing at the top of my lungs in the car!

  4. I finally got round to posting my response today, so sorry it took so long, I am rubbish x


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