Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Promise...

I posted on my face book and on Twitter this morning, that I am done in. This summer has been hard.

There have been several melt downs, the majority of them off my 10 year old (You know, the one no one wants to diagnose). His routine is gone, he has spent a lot of time in the local park with good friends, the type that don't wander off and leave him. The minute he's home though, he's really hard to manage.

Little A is not as bad, he has had moments, but nothing I couldn't deal with. 
The hardest thing has been staying in. They want to do their own things, but don't want me involved, the extent of little A's 'outdoors' is the back garden. The day he did that, I got sun burnt!

Then this past weekend my hubby got really sick. He hasn't been himself for most of the week, but had put it down to being tired. He's very unhappy in his job at the moment and they had P'd him off even more this week. So when he got home from work feeling really rough on Saturday, he was relieved that he had the next 2 days off.

That was until he went to the bathroom........and urinated blood. To say we were worried, would be a major understatement. He was in agony too. We called the out of hours Dr who told us to go down the hospital to see him. We were down there past midnight, my hubby was diagnosed with a serious kidney infection. He already takes medication for other problems he has, now he was given anti-biotics for this. 

He ended up in the hospital again Monday night, with some complications. He was supposed to be in work Tuesday, but couldn't go, obviously. So now we are in the situation where his job won' t pay him.........and we're about to go on holiday. 

We will get through it, we always do. My boys are not the sort to expect lots of stuff on holidays (or anytime really). They will just be glad to have time as a family.

The thing is, with all this going on, I realise how much I have given up on me. I have eaten crap, while making sure that everyone else is ok. I am exhausted, mentally and physically the last 6 weeks have taken the last of me. I just want to crawl up in a ball and cry.

 So here is my promise....


  1. Oh my what a rotten streak of bad luck for you all. I hope he improves soon and be sure to try and squeeze a bit of time to look after yourself too x

  2. That is beautiful and very important at such a tough time. Sent up a little prayer for you all as I read. Hope it all comes together and you have a fab holiday together.

  3. I feel a bit the same, but without the added stress of a sick hubby too, hope things get better really soon xx

  4. Oh Jo, you have been through the wringer for sure. You need a break badly, you need some time to just forget about things and relax. I do hope you can get that, you have a lot to cope with and I do admire you're ability to do it all x
    If it helps I'm feeling all a bit disillusioned, used and trampled on by people I barely know, right now and it is mentally exhausting me, I have certainly had my eyes opened and not in a good way :( xx

  5. Sounds like you have had a lot going on! Hope you get your time to yourself and a bit of relaxation soon x

  6. What a crap time, it's no wonder you feel rubbish. I have just published a similar thing on my blog, we need to make sure that we look after ourselves, as well as everyone else x


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