Friday, July 26, 2013

Wobble Wednesday (ish)

I decided I would join in with this, but it's taken me 2 days to be brave enough to actually do it! I am joining in with NakedMums, WobbleWednesday.
I have tried many diets over the years, but in truth, the only one that really works for me is healthy eating........and exercising my ass off.

So that's what I am doing, I may do some 5:2 weeks, as I found those quite good for me, I felt more awake. I also found it made me really look at healthy recipes, so I wasn't going without good food. 

I do love my food! Especially Chinese food. I am forever trying to find a recipe, that I can make healthy, that's as good as my local takeaways. So if you do find one, please let me know.

So here goes..... I am not going to put my actual weight on here yet. I am not that brave yet. I will tell you that I need to lose around 5/6 stone (70/84lb or approx 35kg). I have tried and failed so many times, most of the people that know me, don't realise just how unhappy I am about my size. 

That is why I am sharing, for the 1st time, my 'before' picture. What I ask of you, dear readers, is that if you don't see an update on a Wednesday - Friday, each week, call me out on it. Don't let me hide the bad weeks. I have to do this. 

I don't just have issues with my size, there are health problems too. They have been named before, so I am not going to go on about it.

So this is it, the real me..........

It's mortifying! But hopefully  it's the last time I look at a full body pic of me looking so big.
Wish me luck.......

p.s. If you are on myfitnesspal, my profile is xojox (just click) x


  1. Good for you. My mum keeps nagging me to cut out the white stuff... Pasta, rice, potatoes and rice! It's hard! Not sure how you can eat Chinese without rice!!

    1. I've tried to cut it out, but I grew up loving rice and sweetcorn, it was all I would eat as a teen....weirdly when I was at my slimmest?! haha x

  2. Good Luck! Thanks for linking up. I have at least 4 stone to lose, so know how tough it can feel. We can do this together! I agree, healthy eating and excercise is really the only way to do it - no gimmicks! I am trying hard to just put good things in my mouth! xxx

  3. Standing ovation! I'm in the same boat as you and have to loose about 5 stone in all honesty. I have been on a keep fit summer, Zumba twice a week and swimming almost everyday. Unfortunately i love my food and diets just don't work for me - like you i need to get fit!

    Good luck - I'm sure you'll be an amazing job!


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