Tuesday, July 02, 2013

What's Normal?


Here goes........My name is Ojo, My house is not normal.

There I said it, phew!

But, wait! Who the hell decides what is normal?
 Average is 2.4 children (that was a cracking sitcom in its early years). Who or what is the .4???

My house is normal to me! It's surprisingly quiet too........when RJ has something to do! I have a teen that I get on really well with. Yes, that really can happen.

But wait? Who did I have to take to a Physio appointment today?

The TEEN!!

My quiet, happy, stable, mature teen. SHIT!?

Turns out my gorgeous boy has Hyper Mobility. Don't get me wrong I've always known he was ridiculously bendy. I even did a SatCap about him the other week. Some one commented and told me what it was called. As I said in that post, I knew he was bendy, all my boys are, to a degree. I didn't know it was a condition. The reason why his knee has been in pain for the last couple of months!

So now my eldest has to go to physio about once a fortnight.

He has been making jokes about it, but then that's his nature, he is a very chilled, laid back, type of kid.

So what's normal? What ever you blinking want it to be!!

I love my crazy normal, it suits me down to the ground....


  1. Hey, I also have a quiet, happy, stable and mature teen! I know that is NOT normal! How lucky are we! :-)

  2. How lovely that he is taking it in his stride

    1. Oh he's completely chilled and milking it lol x

    2. You're so right, there's no normal! Your normal is your life with whatever curve balls it throws at you and mine is mine, curveballs and all!
      My 9yo had physio for a while because he walked on his toes. Turns out he couldn't physically walk any other way because his Achilles' tendon was so tight! It never held him back and he's all done with physio now.

  3. Love it! Pleased to meet you via the Britmums Round-up.
    SEN Editor


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