Friday, July 05, 2013


The hubby and I went for a meal yesterday, to celebrate our 21st Wedding anniversary. After dinner we drove to a local pond/lake, to walk it off.

Sounds simple doesn't it, simple and lovely. It was, except......

Except my brain is in autism parent mode constantly.
This is how my head worked through the evening.....

We settled on a Brewers Fayre restaurant. One of those ones with a child's play area and a little beer garden. My 1st thought was
 'ugh, if the kids were here I would have to eat outside, or we would have a major problem'. 

Inside was full, you had to wait to be seated 
'Too busy for AJ and RJ would wander, through boredom'

The restaurant had different 'nights'. Last night was curry night.
'RJ wouldn't be happy, he hates spicy food and would have to wait'
(by the way, the curry was unbelievably bland, definitely wouldn't recommend the restaurant to anybody!)

The tables is the restaurant were quite close together, you really could hear the next tables conversation, very clearly!
'RJ would so tell them off if they swore, there's absolutely no room for AJ to run (stim)'

We finished our meals quite quickly and left, it wasn't a great pub, no atmosphere. I like to feel comfortable in a pub, I really didn't in this one.

We were finished so early, and my mum had told us not to rush back, so we didn't! We decided to go for a stroll, to walk off dinner.

Pen-Y-Fan Pond, Crosspenmaen.
It looks huge, doesn't it? It has a path all the way around. I hadn't been there for a long time, it had been much improved. It was tidy, no rubbish lying around. It got me thinking it would be a nice place to walk, with the boys.


The first part is lovely, flat and not right next to the water. I could see the freedom I could allow the boys to have. No need to try and watch them, with the teens help, every single second. Then, you walk a little further.
'oooh, that's a bit of a slope down to the water, would have to watch AJ like a hawk'
[It was a beautiful sunset around us, the sort that makes you want to look around and watch.]

A bit further on the path levels off. The path also strays away from the pond a little. There has been another path trodden into the grass, nearer the water. It branches off from the original....*sigh*
'RJ would want to race me back using that path, AJ would want to go with him.........cue meltdowns from both'

The path then loops back around to a little shack, with picnic seats and a little shop. Now that would be lovely to sit with the boys, have a soft drink and explain about leaving. The shop was shut when me and the hubby had finished walking, so we walked straight back to the car park.

Oh, the car park....
'There are cars likely to move from any direction, I would really need to be on my toes here'

That is how my mind works....All the Time!!

I am constantly running a health and safety check, wherever I go.

You want to know what it's like to be an Autism Parent?
For me, the above is normal.

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  1. Wow, 21 years... Happy Anniversary! I know what you mean about the health and safety checks, it is so hard to switch off!


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