Sunday, July 28, 2013

Teen angst

I was asked to write this blog, after sharing a picture on instagram, of my teen. The reason I was asked is because, my teen has self esteem issues. 

So? I here you ask.
All teens have self esteem issues, right? Why is mine unusual?

Because these issues are overlooked, in boys.

This is the picture I shared...

I took this picture, I take a lot of pictures of him. I hope that he will eventually see what I see.

Because, at the moment, my teenage son thinks he is fat?!

He's never been the most confident, out there person. He is actually quite shy. He doesn't have a lot of friends, mostly through his own choosing. 

He would rather spend time on his own. He's not a big gamer either, he does like it, but would rather listen to music. It worries me that he doesn't like going out, because he actually has a wicked sense of humour. 

I worry so much that he has picked up from my self esteem issues, I mean it's learnt behaviour, isn't it?

Where else would he have learnt this crap. The magazines are all aimed at girls, right?

So many pictures, on billboards or magazines, selling aftershave etc. How many of them show 'normal' looking men. No they all have chiseled chins, perfect 5 o' clock shadow and a rippling 6 pack. How are young boys supposed to live up to it!?

When he was in his earlier teens, he did put on a bit of puppy fat, very few teens don't! He was just packing up, ready for his next growth spurt! Did someone say something, call him a name? It starts the same for boys as girls. As usual, the puppy fat disappeared when he had his growth spurt, he's now taller than me.......and slim! 

But he won't laze around in the garden with his shirt off, I've only recently managed to get him to wear shorts in public. We pay monthly, so he doesn't have to go out in glasses, even though he's worn glasses since a toddler.

I worry every day for my son, and for the influence other people have on his image. I think he's gorgeous.
I've seen young girls give him the eye when we're out.....he doesn't believe me, he doesn't think they would look at him!!

So I beg of you, don't forget the boys. They are human too. 
I am trying to teach my son that there is another option to fat and thin.........there's


  1. I think boys do get a bit forgotten, and people worry more about how media can affect the way girls view themselves. But, it affects boys too and as a parent of two boys (in their 20's now) I have worried about how they stress about their image, and teenage boys clothes tend to be more expensive too which puts even more pressure on them.

    Great post x

    1. Boys clothes are Hugely expensive. I'm lucky my boy isn't too bothered with brands at the moment, he has his faves, but agrees to save up for them. It just seems the pressure is getting more for boys now than ever before. Thanks for commenting xx

  2. Great post, thanks for writing and sharing it. My son stopped eating at the age of FIVE because the Wii Fit said he was 'at risk of becoming overweight'. It's scary. People are so aware of girls and body issues, it's important to remember the boys too.

  3. Brilliant post. We do tend to over look boys & their body image issues. For my son, he was stressing about the fact that he wasn't as big as his friends (he's like a whippet) he thought they had muscles and needed to start working out, he was 10!!


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