Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Not the strap you in, flip you upside down type. The emotional type! That's what the last few days have been...

Yesterday evening, RJ was one of only 2 boys in the drama clubs musical production. He was also the only one in uniform! Not too far back in my memory banks I remember a boy who would've gone into full meltdown mode about these 2 facts. But no! He got up there, sang and danced with the rest of the children and introduced the Cwm Male Voice Choir for their set. 

Proud does not cover it!

Then I wake up this morning to find my hubby a bit of a wreck, he's going through a really crappy time with work at the moment, they've taken all his early finishes for next week, the boys 1st week off school. He's very low about it and its effecting all parts of our household. We will get through it, we always do. He always reads my posts, so read this Henley.....
I will support you all ways, because I love you xx

As if that isn't enough of the ups and downs.....

Today was little A's graduation from early years, this September he starts year 1. 
I don't know what I expected from him when this year started, he was barely talking, he didn't make any eye contact, he definitely wouldn't socialise.

But through the hard work and dedication of the early years staff, all of them. He is blossoming.

6 months ago I was still fighting to get him to school, we still have the odd bad day, but now he just goes in late, rather than not at all.

Today my little Autistic son got up on the little stage, shook Mrs. C's hand, took a little bow, excepted his certificate and stepped down.

As we were leaving another parent spoke to me about how well he has done, and he has, he really really has! I started to get emotional.

Then further down the road I had a quick peak at the certificate......and really started to fill up!
You probably can't read the words, they keep making me cry!!
I'm still emotional now. My little boy, if he had been born 20 years ago, would have been cast aside, classed as unable to learn. Now, thanks to the amazing the early years staff, he is turning into a little boy that can read some words, that has his own sparkling, happy personality! 

I know he has a long way to come, but they have done so much for him in the last 2 years. I am not discounting how much me or his father have done. It's just that they are my only support now, and they have stepped up to the mark!

On top of all that it was Mrs. C's last nursery class, and for that I am both happy and sad! She has been an amazing teacher to the youngest of our school children for many years, so I think many of the parents I spoke to today will be sorry to see her go. However, after 30+ years, I think she deserves the rest!

She hands over the reigns to little A's current teacher, so everyone knows (especially me) that the little ones will be in excellent hands.

All in all, I just want to thank a great bunch of teachers, for giving my children confidence and care, as well as a fantastic education.
So an emotional roller coaster, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Phew! What a week you've had. Mostly awesome - you must be so proud of your beautiful boys and all you've achieved together this year. Hope your husband gets a break at work soon.

  2. You must be so proud of your boys! :)

  3. Wow what an emotional rollercoaster. It is amazing how the world has changed, reminds me of one of my fave books The Memory Keepers Daugter. Different situation but amazing people out there! x


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