Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful 18/07

I have had a rough couple of weeks, emotionally. I have put my poor little mind through a loop of self doubt. This week, however, I have a lot to be cheerful about, mostly my boys doing. So my 1, 2, 3 is dedicated to each one!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
KJ (The Teen)
This week he has had a few days work experience, with a special needs nursery within a children's centre. I am so proud of him. He loved what he did, his only disappointment is that he couldn't do more hours! He has always had the ability to see beyond a child's complex, or special, needs. For a boy of 15 this is unusual........we are all thinking it!? He really is growing up to be a superb young man, that I have a lot of respect for.

RJ (The Tween)
Not only has my bubbly 10 year old joined in with the school drama clubs stage musical this week. He has also learnt to ride a bike, all on his own! I often have discussions with other parents who have paid for lessons, for their children,  in swimming etc. I always say the same thing, there's no point for RJ, he will not learn anything until HE is ready. When he is, he teaches himself. This week he proved my point........he actually learnt to ride his bike in 4 hours! Spent the rest of the week just riding around the village.

AJ (The Little One)
This week he finishes the early years. I am not going to lie this makes me excruciatingly horrifyingly a little bit sad. I have shed a tear or 2. I know his year 1 teacher, she is another wonderful, patient teacher. But I want him to stay in reception!! He has developed so much this year, far beyond even my expectations. 
So there are my reasons to be cheerful!
Add to those, 6 weeks of lie ins, hubby having the next 4 days off and me buying a new living room carpet, which my 'master of all trades' hubby will lay!
Do you have any happy thoughts this week? Or you could just pop along another of the linkers and read theirs! Smile people its finally summer! 


  1. Big man finishes reception too - I don't understand where the time has gone!

  2. Awww that is such a lovely idea to dedicate a reason to each child, they all sound like great kids. Your Teen sounds like an amazing young Man, well done to the Tween for teaching himself to ride and as for the little one Well done on his progress but unfortunately he will keep growing up, I know I asked my youngest to stop growing but he's not listening! ;-D

  3. sounds like all your boys are doing great! here is to an awesome summer with all of them

  4. Aww, lovely reasons to be cheerful and lovely post =) xx

  5. Ohh how lovely and your Teen sounds to be a gorgeous young man. Mich x

  6. All really great reasons to be happy! I envy you the new carpet :)
    I have 2 of the learn-it-all-by-myself sort, and on the one hand it can be so frustrating, when you really want to teach them something. On the other hand it is so wonderful seeing them reaching it by themselves, on their own terms and in their own time...

  7. Awww lovely reasons. Your Teen sounds fab! And new living room carpet is super exciting ( I love the smell of new carpet!) x

  8. I remember when my eldest did work experience at my special girl's school - I was very proud too: I think they really do benefit from having siblings with additional needs x

  9. Time goes by so fast. Great to read all is well with your kids. Happy summer!

  10. Great post and I love that you focused on each of your kids. Enjoy your next six weeks just taking it easy. :)

  11. well done to your 3 boys! My son with ASD took ages to get the hang of riding a bike, and like you say, they do it when they're ready. Any sooner and it just becomes a big stress for us mums! xxx


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