Friday, July 19, 2013

Nights Out

Night out.........An actual, in a pub, watching a fricking band, night out!!!

Me and the Mr. are getting ready, leaving the 2 youngest to the eldest and my mum.

I have done my hair and my nails. Both kind of eighties style if I'm honest. I don't care, it suits me, so there!!

 I know what you're thinking.....'Why is she writing a post, shouldn't she be getting ready?'

Yes, yes I should be getting ready. 
But I'm SOOO nervous!

I don't have the greatest self esteem, and rather than losing weight, I seem to be gaining.

I even went out and bought a new top, because that will make all the weight around my middle simply.......disappear!! 
That's what happens, right?!

So anyway, I just needed to get all of this of my chest, you know purge my system, before my 1st proper night out in about a year.....EEeeek

Now excuse me, before I put my make up on I have to go put my hubby's beard in a tail and put his beads on.

Yes really.


  1. Hope you have a great time!! I'm sure you will x

  2. haha oh Jo, you are just so refreshingly honest, I love you. I hope you have an absolutely amazing night out, you deserve it x

  3. Big happy face from me! Hope that you had a fantastic time. What a cool hub's. Says me who has a very nerdy one! :-)


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