Monday, July 29, 2013

meal plan Monday 29/07

I am kind of winging it a little this week, I have been struggling to get 5 minutes to organise anything. So meal plan is a bit hit and miss.

My biggest boy is only here Monday to Friday *sob*. Then he's off on holidays with 2 friends and one father. I don't pity him, the father, a holiday with 3 teens! 

I am going to be a little lost without him, though.

So, here goes, what's on my plan this week?

fish and chips
toad in the hole
chicken supreme
Spaghetti bolognese
Faggots and mash

It's pretty much freezer diving for any other meals. It's only going to be me and the 2 youngest (fussy eaters). So it will probably chicken burgers.....or even a couple of cones of chips from the local chippy.

So that's my, pretty boring, meal plan this week. I'm trying to eat healthier and look after myself so the toad in the hole will be made with thin sausage and plenty of veg. The faggots are from a local butcher, so a lot less processed and again, with lots of veg. The other meals I can make healthy anyway.

I will also try to find time to plan some nice, healthy lunches in. Plenty of salads and Pitta breads etc. Maybe even 1 or 2 homemade soups.

Meal Planning Monday

What's your plans this week? As usual I shall be linking up with Mrs.M, so click on the picture to see some more meal plans.


  1. Everything sounds fab!!
    Have a great week x

  2. Sometimes that's the best way to plan when you have young ones and when you're out and about in the holidays! Hope you have a great week! x

  3. I've never heard of faggots and actually read that as maggots! What are they? Some kind of sausage? Lovely new blog design? X

    1. Look up Brains faggots. They are like giant meatballs really xx

  4. Toad in the hole is one of our all time favorites! I might have to put on the plan for next week. Have a good week

  5. Aha, we all eat roughly the same sort of food all over the world (well, sort of.. if you discount China, Japan and a few other countries!!!).
    Spag Bol is a big favorite in our house.... pass on the faggots, whatever they may be! :-)


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