Monday, July 08, 2013

Meal plan 8/7

Meal Planning Monday

Doing a bit of  freezer/fridge diving this week. It's kind of our 'tight' week, so dinner is made up of things that I find in and around the fridge!

The only items I have to buy to go with this weeks meal plan are: A whole chicken for Wednesday and meat for Sunday. (by which time the Mr. will have been paid! ha ha)

So here is this weeks, thrown together meal plan....

Monday: Chicken and vegetable pasta
Tuesday: Burgers and Chips
Wednesday: Schwartz Chicken and Roast Potatoes
Thursday: something with mince (probably Chilli)
Friday: Chicken Fajitas (sort of, they'll be in pitta breads)
Saturday: Out to dinner for the Mr.s Birthday
Sunday: Roast dinner if cold. Beef salad and new potatoes if hot.

Of course, next week I shall be doing my usual Sunday Baking. This week I made a healthier cheesecake...
yummy! and no sugar!
A lot of this week depends on how much the heat is getting to me. I love this weather, I really do! However, my body cannot cope with it. By 7p.m. I am worn out. I have to wear sun factor 50 just to take the boys to school!

To top it off, I have to go on a school trip to the beach Thursday.. Wish me luck this week!

Any frugal meals you turn to when money is tight? Let me know...


  1. All sounds great!!
    That cheesecake looks delicious!! Yum!

  2. Mmm cheesecake.....loving the weather too but exhausted too, usually around three so your 7p.m is doing well :-)

    Frugal meals, though not for hot days is my use it up veg soup. Frozen pea's, baked beans and any other bits of veg I have to use up. In fact I do try to do a soup of some kind each week to keep the budget down. I find curry paste you can jazz up lots of bits of veg and again add a tin of beans and well you are sorted lor a spicy rice. It may be windy but you will be full up!!! :-)

    Need to get back to meal planning again, been very slack and it really costs a fortune when you are not prepared.

  3. Cheesecake sounds amazing! Happy birthday to your Mr :) x


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