Monday, July 22, 2013

meal plan 22/07

I'm back! really....

I have to start planning again, and sticking to it. This is the worst time of the year in my house. RJ does NOT enjoy being off school, within the next week I will have had several serious tantrums........unless I leave him to electronics *sigh*

To top it off, I am working on little A getting toilet trained. 3 days in, he knelt by his potty this morning and pee'd! yay. All I wanted to see was some progress, just something to show me all the talking is getting in. I know it's going to be a long journey, but at least we have started.

So I need to have some level of routine and organisation, or I will be a complete wreck by September. So here is this weeks....
Meal Planning Monday

Spaghetti bolognese (A family fave)

Chicken burgers in buns with salad

Breakfast Frittata (Basically a frittata with sausage, bacon etc. in)

Gammon, new potatoes, peas and sweetcorn

Carbonara (using left over Gammon from yesterday)

Curry and rice, with sides (2 youngest will probably have chips)

Slow cooked beef (what goes with it will depend on the weather)

So there it is. Now all I have to do is stick to it.
The shopping has been delivered so, hopefully, we can do it this week.
What's on your meal plan? Go to Mrs.M and look at the other linkers if you need inspiration.


  1. Everything sounds fab! A lot of our faves there :)
    Have a great week x

    1. It's all family faves, with the boys being of school x

  2. Lovely menu. Can I come round for the slow cooked beef?


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