Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This is my entry into Wednesday Words, where you can post  a poem or quote that means something to you. I decided to create my own again, it may not be the best, but it's all me!

Like the sun setting
in the skies.
something has changed
In your eyes.

There's something different
in your kiss.
Somethings not right
it's something I miss.

What is it that's gone?
Am I not the only one?
My love is still true
My heart just for you.

I will change it back,
I can find what we lack.
As my love is still strong
Together we belong.. xx

Crazy With Twins
Prose for Thought


  1. This is lovely honey. I feel a bit sad reading it though and hope you can find what is missing. Maybe you could link it up to #Prose4T tomorrow too? xx

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure its that good! xx

  2. You are very clever to be able to write like that, I agree with dragonsflypoppy it is a little sad too.

  3. It's a lovely poem. Well done. Keep writing. I too hope you can find what's wrong and mend it. Thankyou for linking up to #WednesdayWords. xx

  4. A real melancholy poem from the heart. Sounds like something is amiss and it needs mending. Hope everything turns out again. Welcome to Prose for Thought and thank you so much for linking :) xx

  5. Lovely poem, keep writing them!!


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