Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another victory...

I thought after all the doom and gloom I've brought lately, it was time for some good news! 

And, boy.....do I have good news! Quite a few things, actually.

First though, the biggest and best news...........little A is using a potty!! 

I have tried, failed, stopped.......cried and worried! 
Then one of the professionals I used to deal with told me, quite simply, he wasn't ready. 
I worried some more.
He started school, still in pull ups. Still with no awareness of what was going on.
I worried a lot.

I had decided though, not to do anything for a while except talk about it. So we did.
We talked about it a lot! Every day.

 However, we never asked him to do anything about it, just explained what was going to happen when he was ready. We talked about doing it in the school summer holiday, that way it was just me doing it with him, meaning no confusion for little A.

The Saturday just gone, we put him in big boy pants, over the weekend he wet 6 pairs of pants and 3 pairs of trousers. We were over my mums Sunday, for an afternoon in the garden. While we were there, we ran out of pants, so we had to put a pull up on him, there was no other option.

When we woke Monday morning, we have no idea what happened, or why it happened........It just happened!
We had part of a big, toilet type, potty, downstairs. Little A just pulled 'it' out of his pull up, knelt down...and pee'd in it!? We were bouncing!! He wants to keep his pull ups on, but they have now been mostly dry for 2 days. We had to go out yesterday, and I don't think he is fully aware he needs to go til last minute. By the time we found somewhere to stop it was too late, but we just let it slide. I think the pull ups give him some reassurance, that not everything has changed.

I simply couldn't be happier, or more proud, of little A. At 5 years and 6 months, He just got it.
All day today he has gone anywhere, bar his nappy! 

On top of all this, I have 6 weeks of lie ins! I have my holiday to look forward to.
And, today, I had a treadmill delivered, so I can exercise without worrying that my ankle with give way! I worry, my hubby worries more, that I will be out on a walk and it will seize up (which it likes to do). Then how do I get back, this way I just sit down on the sofa! Sorted!

Doesn't even come close to my little boy getting the whole toilet situation though!
I am a very proud autism parent.....

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  1. Well done to A, I understand this victory whole heartedly, my 9 yr old was the same, I drive my self silly trying to teach him and the day before he was due to start reception he just got it. Not having the same joy with my asd little girl yet though, but i know it will come :)

    1. Exactly, it will come. It took me so long to understand that, but once I did, we succeeded xx

  2. Oh Jo I love this, what a fantastic post. What a fabulous clever little man you have. You must be just chuffed to bits and he must be very proud of himself. I'm am truly delighted for you, I read this with a huge smile for you xxx

    1. Thank you! We are called so pleased, so glad we waited now :-) xx

  3. Woo hoo, that is so exciting. I am really thrilled for you all. Enjoy your six weeks of lie ins! :)

  4. This is just brilliant - well done to all. Sounds like you dealt with it brilliantly. Big big smiles xxx

  5. Well done Little A! As parents I think we put so much pressure on ourselves when what we should is just let our children guide us! It's just one of the many milestones that they do when they are ready.

  6. Just goes to show what happens when we relax as parents and let the kids do things when they are ready not when we are told they should. My eldest was a nightmare to potty train and I think that was because I was pushing him and he was so stubborn he pushed right back! Well done to little A, you sound so proud you might burst! :-D

  7. I think thats a few magic moments in one!! i am at the anxiety potty training stage!

    Thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments x

  8. Well done A xx


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