Saturday, July 06, 2013

A last minute SatCap..

I wasn't going to do a Sat Cap this week, I didn't really have any pictures that required, or was silly enough for, a caption!

Until.........this very morning!

Yesterday evening I bought a new fridge freezer from Curry's. Free delivery and pick up of old appliances was available. However, for an extra £20 I could have next day delivery!

During the usual questions (address, phone number etc), came the question....
"do you need it installed?"

Its a fridge?! why would I want installation? You plug it in!

Now we come to this morning, and I see my error in judgement.
You see, this morning at 8.30 am (on a Saturday, do these people not have any children!?), this was delivered, by 2 men. They did not make it look easy either.

This is slap bang in the middle of my kitchen! Fully wrapped.

Apparently choosing not to have it installed means it will be literally just delivered.

So you can do one of three things with this picture, you can:

1. Caption it with something very silly
2. Tell me what the hell I am supposed to do next.
3. Learn from my very silly mistake! (always have installation!!!)

You are also more than welcome to repeatedly tell me how much of an utter dipstick I am!

Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!
Click on this picture to be transported to the crazy Sat Cap home that is Mammasaurus.


  1. OH NO!! Lesson learnt! Good luck!

  2. I think actually Joanna it is the tardiz wrapped up. Jump inside, go back to yesterday and start again!

  3. Oops, you have a monolith in your kitchen!!

  4. hahaha, I shouldn't laugh but....... My only advice is don't open it too quickly that Birdseye Polar Bear might be lurking in there ready to pounce on your frozen peas!

    1. See, now that would scare the sh!t out of me, just to top it off Haha xx

  5. theres a fridge in ma kitchen, what am i gonna do *sung in UB40 stylie*


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