Thursday, June 06, 2013

Through the eyes of Mr Ojo

This is my disclaimer introduction to today's post. After this, it's all him indoors. 
This is a sneaky look into the insanity and amazing life I have, all rolled into one.
Enjoy the ride........

Lets start with a massive thank you to my better half for allowing me to hold her baby.

OK, a little introduction. I am Mr Ojo and  even though I'm fast approaching 50 whenever someone calls me mister i start looking over my shoulder for my father. I still don't feel anywhere near half a century and as the saying goes your only as old as the woman your feeling, the hair may be gone and the eyes and ears are all failing but the most important parts are still functioning perfectly.

I would definitely describe myself as the black sheep of the family and often wondered if i was adopted but it has never really bothered me, my world and all the opinions i value are contained within these four walls. My wife and my boys are my everything.

I don't really consider myself to be a great parent but more a good provider, I've worked a lot of hours due to the nature of my job so it means that pretty much everything has been left to Ojo when it has come to bringing up the boys but then you only have to meet them to see what an amazing job she has done. My role has been mainly winding them up at bedtime and telling them rude jokes and poems, something I consider myself quite talented at. ( There's nothing better than seeing milk or pop coming out of  their noses when they laugh)

Every minute I spend in work is considered a countdown to my next day off with the love of my life. I'm amazed that after more than 23 years together we still want to spend as much time together as we can, this  I put down to our compatibility even  down to the fact that I,m a cancer and she's an F cup. Most days our house is sheer madness and fun, however the youngest two need to learn not to annoy mam on the very very rare what can best be described as Rottweiler with lipstick day. But learn they will.

I'm not the most romantic person in the world but I don't think you should need a calendar to remind you to tell someone how you feel about them. So I'd like to leave you with a poem that I wrote for my beautiful Ojo  that best describes how much she means to me;

I've a secret to tell so here i shall start
Seven women I love with all of my heart
Ojo happy, Ojo sad
Ojo good, Ojo bad
Ojo lover, Ojo wife
Ojo my  best friend you all light up my life.

A big thank you all with love from A J, x


  1. Ah you're not adopted AJ just living the wrong side of the bridge ;) fantastic post, I think Jo's is pretty amazing too x

    1. I think we both agree, we would love to move to the other side of the bridge! Thank you from both of us xxx

  2. Aww such a sweet poem, the vision of coke spraying from mouths and noses made me giggle! x

  3. Helo Mr Ojo, nice to meet you. Aren't you a sweetie writing such a wonderful tribute to your wife, there are loads of us here in the blogosphere that think she is pretty great too! I love you phrase 'Rottweiler with lipstick' unfortunately us mums do tend to have these days now and again. :-D

  4. Oh my word, how lovely! Well done Ojo, you bagged a good'un there! Such a sweet post x

  5. What a lovely post it's clear to see how much you love your wife and boys shinning through this post.

  6. that is just fantastic! Have a good weekend. xxx

  7. Oh I love this, by far one of the nicest blog posts i've ever read and I feel all mushy now. You two are ace :)

  8. lovely to meet Mr Ojo and so nice to hear a man's view on the love of their life! Fab post!

  9. Hello this is Mr Ojo again, I was blown away by all of your kind comments.I must say though its unbelievably easy to love someone as amazing as my Ojo. The one thing i wish is she wasn't quite as SHY and PRUDISH though. X


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