Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Baking

This may become a bit of a regular thing on a Sunday, possibly even adding a linky. However, previous attempts at linkys have been an abysmal failure!

So what did I make this week? I made a Banana Loaf. I had a few very ripe bananas, that none of my children would eat.
 My cooking is a bit hit and miss, I tend to make things up as I go along. I am a firm believer that as long as it tastes good, and doesn't kill you, then all is good!

The picture I have used above is the finished product. Yes, as usual, it tasted MUCH better than it looked!

Here are the ingredients:
100g of Plain flour
80g Caster sugar
1tsp of baking powder
2 eggs (mine weighed 120g in their shells)
90g of margarine for baking
3 very ripe bananas

Pre heat the cooker to Gas mark 4 (conversions can be found online).
You can do this 'all in one'. I prefer to mix together as a basic cake, then add the bananas. The mixture will look too thick, before the bananas are added. Another point, I prefer to continue using the mixer when the bananas are added, if you prefer you could mix them with a spoon, leaving you with lumps of banana after cooking. Make sure your loaf tin is lined/greased, then pour in the mixture.

Place on the middle shelf for 50/55 minutes. It should be a light golden brown in colour and a pick should come out clean. Ideally if you have the time, let it cool in the oven. I didn't have the time and mine sunk a little! 

It still tasted delicious though!

The cream is Creme Anglaise from the Michele Roux, Eggs book. Very simple to make, I had quite a successful 1st attempt.

You are left with a dozen egg whites after, but egg white omelette's go down well in my house!

 A bit of custard/ice cream would also finish it off nice. Previously I have made this with dark chocolate chips, absolutely delicious.
I hope you get to try this, it tastes like an old fashioned pudding. Please let me know how it turns out. 

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