Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sat Cap 29/06

This is my hotel bed after Brit Mums Live last week! I already had a suitcase full of my clothes and a bag full of other stuff, like toiletries.

I had text this picture to my husband saying 'where the f**k am I supposed to put all this!?'.. To which he had answered lol.........LOL!? I was being serious!

So can you add a caption to this? Many of you would have been the same, I'm sure!

If you would like to do some more, its my favourite thing to do when I am a little tipsy (I get soooo funny), then pop along to queen caption Mammasaurus

Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!


  1. Looks like you had bags of fun at Britmums Live ! ;)
    I looked like some poor packhorse lugging mine through the underground!

  2. Din-o-t you know you'd need a large empty suitcase

  3. Where is the after picture?

  4. Jo used Britmums as her cover story to go on a shop lifting spree in Oxford Street!

    1. Haha!! You actually made me snort! xx

  5. Well, that's it, husband dearest, you're just gonna have to move out...I need more space x

  6. Explosion of the BritMums Live goodie bag.


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