Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reasons To be Cheerful 13/06

It's that time of week again, and boy do I need it this week! I have put my poor brain through an emotional meat grinder this week......

So where to start? Well 1st with the link to mummy from the heart, the beautiful host and creator of this blog hop. This week she has given us a vlog, a great idea, especially as I shall probably be meeting her next week! eeeeeee! 

1. Brit Mums Live is just a week and a day away!!! So I have decided to follow Michelles lead, and introduce well, me!! ......

2. My hubby. Most of you met him this week, when he took over for the day, Through the eyes of Mr.Ojo, I am a lucky lady, who has been married to this man for nearly 21 years, he is my reason to be cheerful nearly every day! 

3. Pain free. I am celebrating the fact that, thanks to medication and gentle exercise, I am totally pain free! I will not need my walking stick in London. I am on my way to fit and healthy (pahahah, couldn't even keep a straight face typing it!!). Well I'm on my way........

So there you are, me and my reasons. Hope you all can find reasons to be cheerful, if not, find some xx


  1. Well done on the vlog, you look gorgeous and your accent is awesome, I want it!

    Yay on the pain going, just shows how your hard work is paying off, yay you xx

  2. I love your accent and your hair! You look great. Have a lovely time at Brit mums live :)

    Glad you're pain free xx

  3. You sound like you belong in Fireman Sam! Great reasons, have a fab time at Brit Mum live!

  4. Hello, lovely to see and hear you! I never knew you had such funky hair, I love that splash of colour. Hope you have a fab time with the other BritMums

  5. great Vlog - well done! I'm not going to Britmums but enjoyed 'meeting' you on your vlog. xxx

  6. ooh love your accent! shame I'm not coming to BritMums

  7. Great news that you are on your way to fitness, even better about being pain free!!


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