Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meal plan Monday +1

The +1 is because I am a lazy devil! So yesterday I couldn't be bothered!

Today however, I have decided it's time to brush of the restful weekend, and jump right back in to the chaos of my home. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow a.m. so normality is going to smack me in the mouth at approximately 8a.m.......When I realise I have to get up, and there will not be a coffee waiting on the bedside table.

Anyway, here is the plan this week.....

To be honest, its a 'throw together' of whats already in the cupboard and freezer. There was some really good stuff in there. Also the Mr. is going back to late evenings, so it's me and 3 very fussy boys for dinner.

What is in your freezer this week? Are you having a lazy week? 
As usual I shall be linking up with Mrs.M

Meal Planning Monday

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