Monday, June 10, 2013

Meal Plan 10/06

It's been weeks since I've joined in with this linky. The main reason? I was just too lazy to do a meal plan.........and I hate shopping! I really do. Any kind of shopping that involves supermarkets. Even doing my online shop gets on my nerves. So for the last couple of weeks I have been winging it. Picking up bits I needed and throwing something together, that resembled a meal. I had to shape up this week though, even my tin cupboard was empty. I really was old mother Henley.

So here I am. I actually did my meal plan, and shop, on Friday. I will still give you an idea of what is/has been planned this week. On this weeks menu we have.

Beef on Sunday, with veg, chips and gravy.
Stew (because we have a couple of cold days)
Richmond meatballs and Pasta Bake (A post coming to go with this)
Linguine alla Carbonara (from my Eggs by Michele Roux recipe book)

I also made lemon curd from the Eggs book. So simple and So delicious.

I'm not sure of the rules about sharing the recipe. I'm a bit worried it would be some sort of infringement. It really was a very simple recipe, that didn't take a long time, but a fair bit of elbow grease!

What are your plans this week? Trying clicking the picture below, which will take you to Mrs.M to see other meal plans.

Meal Planning Monday


  1. I think hearty food like stew is the only up side to cold weather :D I want to try making lemon curd, does it say in your book how long it keeps?

    1. It didn't, however, if it tastes half as good as mine, it won't last long!! I made it Saturday and it still tastes fine so far x

  2. Everything sounds great!!
    Mmmm lemon curd! Yum!


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