Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Inspire me.

A few days ago I wrote a post, here. That was the first in my posts running up to my 1st anniversary of my blog, or bloggerversary. This is the 2nd.

 I want to talk about the people that have inspired me on my journey. Today my post will include a lot of links, if you click one it will open another page/tab. I ask that you give these links a go, these people have genuinely inspired me in one way or another, or I aspire to be as good as them. If you enjoy my blog, you will probably enjoy these.

The 1st has to be the truly fantastic Mama Owl. She is one of the only bloggers I have met face to face, mainly because she is my cousin-in-law! I love going to visit all her family, but her house is always our last, and longest, stop. She really is as lovely as she sounds on her blog.
She is a wonderful mother, but then she did learn from one of the best. I always feel welcome at her home, by her and all her family. She is also going to be my roomie for Brit Mums live. Mainly because she needs adult supervision...........still not sure where I came in?! Some regular readers will know that she is also the reason I started blogging, hers was the blog I read avidly for quite some time before starting mine.

Now for the cool ones, not that Miss Owl isn't by the way, but they fall into different categories. The 2
bloggers that are so cool, I am genuinely nervous about meeting them at Brit Mums! I am not cool, never have been. I love karaoke, I am a happy (and tactile) drunk, who is likely to be found dancing on a table! These women wouldn't judge me (I hope) for any of that. They are Cool though, with the Capital C....
They are Melksham mum and Rock and Roll mum. That's it, they're Cool!

Then there is Mammasaurus, Oh my where do I start?! I aspire to be a 10th of the awesome that this woman is!! I just have a complete girl crush on this  woman........That is All.

Then there are the blogs I just love to read, and often converse with the authors on Twitter. These blogs make me smile, cry, sometimes make me feel normal! ( I know! right?!). They are........
Girl Gone Coastal (probably my best friend that I've never met)
Mammaneversleeps (The woman that I want to wrap up in a big Cwtch)
FabatForty (Barely miss a day in this woman's blog, wish I could meet her!)

Then there is the support networks I've found for Bloggers, BritMums, Tots100, LoveAllBlogs, I have to thank these places for unending support and advice. Plus they are a great place to share your posts.

Finally, my true inspiration, the Man behind the Women.....(yeah, yeah, get your mind out of the gutter!)

With 2/3 of our boys.
He has supported me non stop this last year, encouraged me to be truthful, even when it makes him look bad. The man that has given me ideas. The man that I am handing my blog over to tomorrow!

So be aware it could be 18+...........or his heart worn on his sleeve.


  1. Awe inspiring bloggers there. I can confirm that Mammasaurus is LOVELY. I was terrified of meeting her at blog summit because she is SO cool but she is ace. As are all of them actually. Kind of glad I can't go now you've reminded me how cool they all are and how I am NOT!

    1. But your awesome! I love your blog. Gutted you won't be at BML :-( xx

  2. Jo, I will meet up with you one day for sure and I am both honoured and truly flattered and also a big bit emotional by your lovely lovely words. I have learnt so much about autism and what it is like to live with by reading your blog.

    I was chuffed to bits to read your published article and thought it was fabulous. You are a fabulous lady with an awful lot to inspire others with yourself xxx

  3. Damn woman,this is one of the sweetest posts ever, love love love it, and not just because you mention me!

    You are an inspiring woman, not many of us can fully appreciate all you have to cope with as a parent to children on the ASD spectrum, you make a difficult job look disgustingly easy

    big hugs and smooch kiss

    1. I will hold you to those smoochs at BML mind!! haha x

  4. Happy Blog Anniversary! Have a great time at Brit Mums.

  5. Thank you, tho realy I am a total dork! Looking forward to meeting you x


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