Monday, June 17, 2013

Hungry to Happy/Meal plan 17/06

I am mashing up 2 linkys today. They fall under the same categories really, so I hope it's ok!

You see, as the run up to #BritMumsLive begins, my meal plan is very disorganised. Add to that, I have been very lazy with my shopping, I hate food shopping sooo much! Even online. 

This means a lot of freezer diving, using up a lot of the bits that are lying around, there is more than enough to make several meals. So this week my dinners will include...
Meal Planning Monday

homemade pizza
toad in the hole
slow cooked gammon with Jacket spuds
pork loin chop, potatoe salad and sweetcorn.

There are only 4, because Fri, Sat and Sun......I won't be here!!!!
(which means they will have dads mix up or take aways)

The first item on my menu leads neatly to a challenge that was set by Brit Mums and Richmond Meatballs.

The challenge was to create and cook a meal for your children/family in less than 8mins. My meal did take longer to cook, simply as I was using home made pizza dough, which takes 20 mins to cook.
To make this meal in less than 8 mins is easy, replace the pizza dough with half a baguette, or even a pitta bread. My boys love pizza made on french stick/baguettes. It is a great lunch, and with a bit of salad on the side is not as unhealthy as buying a pizza.

So my pizza. I cheated and used my bread maker, so much less mess! For my dough I used...

1 cup of water at room temperature
1.5 Olive Oil
3 cups of Strong white flour
1.5 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of salt
1 slightly heaped tsp of yeast.

All placed, as your breadmaker instructions, on the dough setting.

Now the toppings, as you know, thanks partly to asd, partly to just plain fussy kids! I have to do everything a little different. For example, here is a picture of my 1st pizza...

Yes that is a corner missing any topping!! It's the only way that little A will eat any!

The topping for this one was
Red Onion
Grated Cheddar
Grated Parmesan
and of course

You can cook these wonderful little things in 8 minutes!! So you could pop them on from frozen. We wanted a taste 1st, so we cooked them in the microwave (which only takes a minute!!). I am not going to lie, the kids loved them, even RJ, who is very particular about trying new things.

This one went down very well.......and very quickly.

We then made another, for RJ and myself. That one had very little cheese on 1 half as RJ doesn't like it. On my half it had onion, mushroom, sweetcorn ( may fave toppings ) and some more meatballs.

I am afraid that one didn't last long enough to have a picture taken!

My home made pizza this week will probably be made on a french stick, it's quick and easy. Also because I am off out with friends on Thurs, for another birthday dinner, quick and easy is needed that day!

“This post is an entry for BritMums’ Hungry to Happy Challenge sponsored by Richmond Mini Meatballs”
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  1. They look so delish! My boys are really fussy eaters so I might try these and get them to choose their own toppings, thanks for the idea :-)

  2. Ohh those pizzas look delicious!!
    Have a great time at BritMums :)

  3. Your pizza looks nice too. I have started making them on a regular basis as I think home made ones are nicer than bought ones. Enjoy BritMums.

  4. Pizzas look good, I must get round to doing this with the kids, haven't done it for ages. Also we have only done it with bought pizza bases, but homemade would be so much better. I like the idea of using baguettes or pitta for a quick pizza too :-)

  5. Pizza looks fab. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  6. Very tempting food selections. I bet they taste heavenly.I wonder how fast they can disappear when placed on the dining table?


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