Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Dare You!!

I very rarely watch Loose Women, I think they are a bunch of self righteous women, that think they understand the 'real world'. Today I was watching a recorded  T.V. show that ended, as loose women was about half way through.

They were having their usual unintelligent discussion, but this was about mothers (as usual they forgot that fathers cook), that cook several meals in one night.

I have never known a television show get me so mad!!! Carol Vorderman was very upset that one of the panel would take her child to a take away, instead of the hotel food that was being served. In her opinion, particularly in under 5's, if they don't eat it they starve!! This coming from the woman that tried to sell us 'detox'!?

She has no bloody idea!!! And don't even get be started on the other Carol, that has an opinion on everything to do with children, even though she has never had any, and never wants any!!

I'm sorry but.........P##S OFF!!

They were talking particularly about children under 5. If, when my child was just going to full solid food, I had done this he would have starved! At the age of 5, my son is barely now understanding what full and hungry feels like, and that is a lot down to me!! Yes I'm blowing my own horn, and I don't care!

So I am proud of the fact that I manage to cook several different meals in an eve. I try to incorporate every ones needs, and manage it quite well. 

I didn't catch the start of the discussion, maybe they had already said not to include children with difficulties. However maybe a little understanding would go a long way. Like the fact that, a lot of children are not diagnosed as young as my 5 year old was. 

I detest this programme at the best of times, but today I could of quite happily walked up and slapped them all!!

Sorry for being a bit ranty. I try not to be, in any way, controversial. Today was an exception!


  1. This annoyed me too! As for saying they'll eat it if they're hungry - if they don't like it they won't eat it - simple! Sheryl x

    1. Exactly!! Turned it off now. Foolish women! Xx

  2. Your ranty post made me smile... hope that is okay! I don't watch TV so wouldn't have a clue about the program you were watching, although I do remember Carol Vorderman from my UK days.... wasn't she the Countdown Conundrum lady? Anyways, nothing like a good rant to let off steam. :)


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