Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Days and Sunshine

I am crazy busy right now, trying to get everything together for my weekend at Brit Mums, London. Of course it had to be this week, today, that the sun actually shone. Which meant the school sports day was held. I wouldn't dream of missing it though.

Now, I'm so glad I went! I am super proud of my boys.

First little A, who actually joined in with one race (with help from a teacher). 
He Joined In!!!
Even when he had to sit around, he had his toy and was sharing with other children. I am one extremely proud mammy right now.

Then my little RJ had a turn.......and came third in the skipping race! 

It was a long, hot morning spent out on the grass, while the whole school participated. Although, in fairness, every child had a go at something. From the cute little rising 3's to the, about to leave, year 6's. Hats off to the school for organising it.

Also happening this week, RJ is off over the Comp all day tomorrow, to watch their mini Olympics. He is cheering GB. Then there is an open evening at the same school, starting their introduction into the 'big school'.

Also happening is my birthday!! A meal out at a quiz night, with good friends.

I also have to dye my hair, make sure my dress to travel in is clean and pack!

I have given up on making my own bag, it will be a project for my return. Instead Hubs nipped out last night and got me this.......

I have so much going on, I have no idea why I am writing this post!!

See you Friday if you're there xx


  1. Have a fabulous time AND Happy Birthday! :)

  2. You are having a busy week and you must be so chuffed with Little A. A big massive Happy Birthday too my lovely friend. By the time this posts it will officially be Thursday!


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