Friday, June 28, 2013


Do you know what I think of when I hear the word Fashion?........David Bowie! (That will confuse any youngsters that read this! Look it up on youtube)

Don't get me wrong, I like to look nice, but I normally look my best when my mum dresses me. Yes I know I am 40, but she has always been really stylish. Her wardrobe is my go to place when I am going out somewhere that requires me to wear more than leggings.

I do buy some clothes for myself.......sometimes

I don't like to spend a lot on clothes for myself, I can't say I spend a fortune on any body's clothes, in our house. I just think spending too much, when they will grow out of it so quickly, is a waste! I mean, it could just be that I am always broke too! 

Black (Black) Inspire Black Bubble Hem Vest | 209415501 | New LookMy go to shop when I need something is New Look. I really do love that shop! I tend to shop online more than instore. The online shop has so much variety and, the delivery options make life so much easier. My current obsession are bubble hemmed tops! 
They really do cover a multitude of sins! 
(I do have quite a few things that need hiding!)

What I love, though, is that these tops come in all sizes. The sizes are quite generous I find. If I need slightly more generous..........there's maternity wear!

Turquoise (Blue) Maternity Turquoise Crochet Back Bubblehem Vest | 277141448 | New Look
Don't judge me!!! I have a very odd shape. I often have to tell people that I am NOT pregnant. I even got offered a seat, by an old lady, on the tube!! who gives up their seat on the tube!! humph.

But, when you can find pretty tops like this.. with a nice crocheted back, well why wouldn't I buy it. I know its going to suit my shape, also give me a little more *ahem* room!

But why stop there! Have you seen their maternity range!!
I wish I had discovered this when I was preggers! They even have maternity shorts!

You only have to look at my Pinterest (click on the little pink bird with a P on his belly), to see how much I love New Look. I have had to create a new board, just for stuff I want my husband to see to buy myself!

I genuinely think they cover most style/fashion choices.........damn, now I'm singing Bowie again!!

This is a sponsored post.

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