Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Again, another thing I learnt at Brit Mums Live. I will (not) stop talking about it, but things I learnt there have meant a lot. One of my favourite sessions was 'Blogging from the Heart'. 4 women who blog, or have blogged, about the the different things life has thrown at them.

 They use their blogs to campaign for what they believe in. Sometimes they use their blogs to vent, or to dispel myths surrounding varying special needs/circumstances.

Another thing that these wonderful blogs write about, are charities that have helped them. As bloggers they don't do this for financial gain, they do it because these charities need voices. They need people to tell others about them. The more we know about the charity, the more we can learn about different special needs. With that comes more awareness. This will make our childrens lives easier. It's a winning combination.

That's why, today on my blog, I wanted to talk about the
Please click on the name to be directed to their website.

I cannot begin to explain how much this society does for parents of Autistic children and for people with Autism. The site itself is so easy to navigate. It can answer just about any question you have about autism and asperger syndrome. 

The site can direct you to help and advice in your area, as well as a large community section, where you can find an answer to just about any question, from people that genuinely know what you are going through.

Along with all this information there is also a helpline, for when you simply can't find the answer you want. That number can be found HERE.

There are so many ways you can be involved with this charity. They have fund raising activities that anyone can help with. They also have a shop, so you can buy little gifts to help the charity. 

I would ask that you go check out the website, they don't beg you to give.
They want to inform and help, giving is obviously a bonus.
The NAS have been going a very long time, long enough to know how to inform well.

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