Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Carers Week

This week is Carers Week, I found this out through Twitter, mostly thanks to Brit Mums talking about it. Most people don't realise that, because my child has special needs, I am classed as a carer as well as his parent. I am on call 24/7. Just like every other parent really, except that your child will grow out of it, mine possibly won't.

I had no idea about carers week, I only found out about an event, that's regularly held in the area, because my mum found out about it. (She has my 91 year old gran living with her). I've never been able to attend before as my it fell at times I needed to be here, for 1 of my boys. 

So this Carers Week they were holding another event, the same day as my sons sports day. As both of my sons are in the same school, even though the youngest is in the 'infant' part and the others in the 'juniors' part, (people of a certain age will understand those words). This meant I would be spending time running between 2 schools, and probably trying to get the youngest involved. 

I would not be able to go to the event...........A FRICKIN PAMPER DAY!!!

Oh yes, being held in the local dance school. They had students in all sorts of beauty treatments: massage, reflexology, hairdressers, manicures. They also had people there teaching skills, like making your own body scrub or jewelry! 

Now don't get me wrong, I've never missed one of my children's sports days and I have no intention of starting. So I would just have to hear how wonderful it was from my mum......without sulking.

Then, something magical happened........it rained! All night. I know none of us wanted the end of the sunshine. Seriously folks I understand but....*Sigh*......Sports day got cancelled!!

I was straight on the phone to my mum, who would pick me up just after 10am, to get there for 10.30. We were welcomed at the door where there were a selection of the usual giveaways, on the table as we were welcomed. Amongst these giveaways was 2 free vouchers, each voucher entitling you to a free treatment.

The first thing me and my mum went to was the 'make your own body scrub'. Quite simple really, 4 parts Sugar, 2 parts baby oil, mix really well, then add an essence, I chose vanilla. The lady at this table was so relaxed and friendly, I was immediately glad I had come.
Freebies and homemade body scrub.
I then went to see what treatments I fancied. I decided on reflexology, my mum learnt how to do it when I was a teen, and I remember it being very relaxing. Oh boy it really was, the girls doing them were being very gentle, so it was more like a foot massage, I very nearly fell asleep on the treatment table!

Then, seeing as I am doing quite well with the nail growing, I decided on a manicure. At this point I have to say, teenagers get a bad rep these days, the girls doing the work today were fantastic. They were polite, relaxed and determined to do a good job. The girl that was doing my nails could of been in the job for years, not in college. Here is the end result......

Sparkly and bright, just like me.........
At this point they were stopping for lunch, an hour and a half had gone by!! If we had stayed, there was a large cold buffet available for staff and 'customers'. My mum, however, wanted to go out for lunch, as we very rarely get this much time together.

We went to our local Marstons Restaurant, The Bumble Bee. I've added a link because, if you're ever in the area, it has fantastic warm, friendly staff, and the main meals are 2 for 1! It really was a lovely way to finish our morning. I knew the waitress that served us, so we got to chat a little too. 

There are no other events that I can get to, but wherever you live, there is something happening nearby. Check with your local council. Or go to Carers.org to find out more.

As I finish typing this I have to go pick little A up from school, feeling very chilled. I have to say, as a finishing note, I have never felt this spoilt.......ever. I could cry I'm so relaxed! 


  1. Oh wow; that's fantastic. I'm not aware of anything in my area except an information stand in the local library! Not exactly in a rush to attend that. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. try the link for covers, if you have transport available, there may be something nearby x

  2. Woohoo, nothing like a little bit of rain to make the day perfect for you. Who cares about sports day anyway!! :-)

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