Monday, June 24, 2013

A Learning Curve

I have learnt a LOT about myself this weekend.

If you haven't read my blog before, or were in space, I spent the weekend in London, at Brit Mums Live.
It was all about community, getting to know our online best friends, in real life. Yes I said best friends. If you don't know twitter or blogging, you won't understand. The (mostly) female attendees of  BML know more about each other than 'real life' friends. We talk every day, we share our problems. The one thing very few of us do, however, is meet outside of our laptops/phones.

This weekend was the opportunity to do this. We are from all walks of life, there are stay at home mums, working mums, working from home mums..........and dads.

I not going to go on about what was going on at weekend, it was for us bloggers to learn. I honestly didn't expect to learn so much about myself.

So, this is what I have learnt about myself this weekend:

I can be shy! Who knew?!
The 1st day there, I could barely open my mouth, let alone actually speak to someone! I spent a lot of time bawling my eyes out trying not to cry and hiding away.

Big crowds scare the crap out of me. I did know this, sort of, still surprised me a little.
I felt genuinely scared for a little while on the 1st day, so overwhelming.

I really like my own company.
In the evening, whilst the lovely Mama Owl was socialising with other bloggers, I would stay for a short time. Then I would quite happily go back to the room alone, read a book or watch TV. Add a couple of little vodkas and I was a very happy Ojo!

I am not a 'high maintenance', needy person.
I really don't need someone to hold my hand the whole time. I was perfectly happy to wander around alone, meeting new people. In the evening, I was happiest with a glass of vodka tonic and a film or book.

I am not a nobody
People actually knew who I was! Coming up to me to say hello! Quite frankly I felt like a fraud originally, but I felt so at ease the second day, mostly thanks to other bloggers.

That is what I learnt, just about me. I also learnt a lot about blogging. Mostly I learnt how supportive the blogging community is. There were so many people that had been through so much. They had shared it on their blog and the community had opened their arms and supported them.

I have had a weekend of tears and laughter, that has taught me a lot about myself. In the last year, this blog has evolved into something different. I have used it more as a place to open up and express myself. You may find it evolves even more over the coming months. 

Its time to look after me, and my family. This is where I will most likely track it. 
Please forgive me if I spout crap some days.


  1. Replies
    1. It really was great to get to talk to you too!! roll on next year xx

  2. How great that you learnt so much about yourself, seems a few of us discovered new things over the weekend!

  3. You never spout crap either madame. I love the things you write Jo and I love your open honesty, so very refreshing and a delight to read xx

  4. Brilliant! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and sorry that I didn't have the chance to say more than a frantic 'hiya' across the table on the final day! Next year we'll be veterans ;)


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